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World War 3: The worst threat since World War II, according to the chair of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee

President of the U.S. We haven’t seen a threat of massive magnitude to Europe and the Pacific, I would say, since World War II, said House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman on Friday in reference to a collaboration between the leaders of China and Russia World War 3 is Possible.

World War 3 the horrifying future of every nation (Photo: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)

World War 3: The worst threat since World War II

The partnership between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping “provides a very big challenge in imagining a World War 3, I think, for the free world in this great power competition that we find ourselves in,” Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul said while traveling to Sweden.

If the Xi administration backs the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, there would be undisclosed repercussions, according to the Biden administration. According to a US intelligence analysis, Beijing may have helped Ukraine with equipment that might be used for military purposes. The report referenced Russian customs data that revealed Chinese state-owned military contractors delivered drones, fighter aircraft parts, navigation systems that created a horrifying image of World War 3, and other commodities, but it did not specify if this may result in reprisal from the United States.

China has stepped up purchases of Russian oil and gas, which helps Putin’s government offset lost sales after the United States, Europe, and Japan cut off most purchases of Russian energy. Beijing can do that without triggering Western sanctions on its own companies, but Washington and its allies are frustrated that it undercuts economic pressure on Moscow. Even economic trade around the world seemingly provoked the emergence of World War 3.

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World War 3 is approaching according to the chair of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee

World War 3 is approaching, Because the Western economic and financial sanctions against Russia were not approved by the UN Security Council, where Beijing and Moscow have veto authority, China rejected them. China, though, seems to have refrained from outright breaching such measures.

McCaul, who was a member of a congressional delegation from the United States that visited Sweden and spoke with Foreign Minister Tobias Billström, predicted that Sweden would join NATO by the end of the month of October.

Together with its neighbor Finland, Sweden, a long-time neutral nation, sought NATO membership in 2022. All current members must consent to new memberships, and as NATO leaders gathered in Vilnius, Lithuania, for a summit, Sweden was missing approval from two members: Turkey and Hungary. The hope for the best is that World War 3 will leave no chance.

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