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Local news in Hawaii

Disaster declaration approved by Biden: Fire in Maui 55 people have already died, making this the deadliest tragedy in Hawaii history

The devastating fire in Maui has resulted in 55 fatalities, officials said on Thursday. According to Gov. Josh Green, the death toll will likely go beyond 60, making this calamity the deadliest since Hawaii became a state in 1959.

Fire in Maui death toll rises to 55 (Photo: BBC News)

Fire in Maui: 55 death toll recorded

On Thursday, authorities in Hawaii reported the fire in Maui that at least 55 people had died as a result of swiftly spreading wildfires. Early in the day, one fire that almost completely destroyed the old town of Lahaina was reported to be 80% suppressed.

Officials issued a warning that the death toll from a fire in Maui will probably keep rising as crews spread out to explore scorched regions and many fires on the island are still blazing. Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said during a news conference on Thursday that “hundreds of homes” had been damaged and that “what we saw is probably the largest natural disaster in Hawaii state history.”

Officials were unable to estimate how many persons were still missing amidst the fire in Maui. Chief of Maui County Police John Pelletier told reporters, “Honestly, we don’t know.

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Fire in Maui the deadliest wildfire

On Thursday morning, Maui County stated that the central Maui conflagration in Pulehu was at 70% containment and that the westernmost and most destructive of the three fires including the fire in Maui, the one in Lahaina, was 80% contained. The fire in the steep Upcountry had not yet been evaluated.

As of later in the day since a fire in Maui started, none of the flames are “100% contained right now,” according to Maui County Fire Chief Brad Ventura, and there are a number of smaller fires dotted around the larger ones. People were advised to stay away from the region because of the continued possibility of “rapid fire behavior” due to the weather.

Rescue teams looked for survivors Thursday amidst the destruction left by the deadliest U.S. wildfire in five years, the fire in Maui which also left hundreds of people injured.

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