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Local news in Hawaii

1,000 people are still missing after the Maui wildfire on the scorched Hawaiian island, and survivors describe sheltering behind sea walls to avoid the hot ash’s spewing

As a result of the Maui wildfire President Joe Biden’s declaration that the fires are a catastrophic catastrophe, the federal government will finance rescue efforts and recovery efforts.

Maui wildfire over 1,000 people are still missing in scorched (Photo: Maui Now)

Maui Wildfire: 1000 people are still missing

Locals were caught off guard when the extraordinary wildfires broke out on Tuesday. They were sparked by a dry summer and made worse by hurricane-force winds that were blowing nearby. The ancient town of Lahaina, the old capital of Hawaii, has been obliterated by the Maui wildfire, which has razed entire neighborhoods.

As of right now, the Maui wildfire is the state’s most prominent natural disaster since the Big Island was hit by a tsunami in 1960, which claimed 61 lives. The federal government will finance rescue efforts and recovery since President Joe Biden labeled the flames a major disaster.

Gov. Josh Green said that as long as search and rescue efforts go on, the death toll from the Maui wildfire will probably increase.

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‘Like a bomb was dropped’ during the Maui Wildfire

Residents of Maui, some of whom managed to flee the flames on foot, questioned why the state’s renowned emergency warning system had not informed them as the fires rushed toward their homes. Green stated after touring the burned-out remains of the village with Maui Mayor Richard Bissen on Thursday morning, “Lahaina, with a few rare exceptions, has been burned down” due to the Maui wildfire.

However, many Lahaina survivors of the Maui wildfire said in interviews at evacuation centers that they didn’t hear any alarms and discovered they were in danger only when they heard or saw explosions close by.

Lahaina unquestionably feels like a bomb was dropped on it after the Maui wildfire emerged.

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