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China Military Power Report: Military researchers’ assessment suggests that China is developing EMP weapons

According to the China Military Power Report and a study by three open-source intelligence experts, Chinese military researchers have made great progress in creating and testing strategic electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, weapons that may shut out electronics aboard U.S. warplanes and even entire military sites.

leaked claims that China Military Power Report has developed and deployed a new, longer-range hypersonic missile that is likely capable of dodging U.S. defenses (Photo: VOA News)

China Military Power Report: Military researchers’ assessment

According to a recent analysis of the threat of China Military Power Report, electronic controls for vital U.S. infrastructure, like the power grid, might also be exposed to Chinese EMP weapons, potentially causing catastrophic losses.

“China’s rapid developments in EMP weaponry have emerged as a significant concern for the strategic landscape of global security,” the study claims in China Military Power Report, “particularly concerning the vulnerabilities of U.S. military and civilian operations.”

An electromagnetic pulse emits energy that was first seen during nuclear explosions. Electronic systems can be destroyed or damaged by the pulses over a large area according to China Military Power Report.

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China Military Power Report suggests that China is developing EMP weapons

An overlooked top-secret document among those recently leaked claims that China Military Power Report has developed and deployed a new, longer-range hypersonic missile that is likely capable of dodging U.S. defenses. The general public may now witness what the American intelligence community already knew: China is rapidly enhancing its ability to launch attacks from thousands of kilometers away and thwart American intervention.

The Justice and Defense departments are looking into the leak of hundreds of U.S. intelligence documents, which contain startling revelations about equipment shortages in Ukraine, covert arms deals between Egypt and Russia, alleged spy agency activity against elected officials in Israel, and internal security discussions in South Korea about China Military Power Report.

A crucial piece of intelligence regarding China’s advancements in military technology is also buried in the records (the governments of Egypt, Israel, and South Korea claim that this information is untrue).

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