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Woman Breaks into Ex-Boyfriend’s Residence Armed with Martial Arts Sticks, Displays Intense Emotions, According to Police

Woman Armed With ‘Martial Arts Sticks’ Breaks Into Ex-Boyfriend’s Home ‘Highly Aroused and Angry’ After He Moved On: Police

Kung fu, kickboxing, and taekwondo are all forms of martial arts made for one’s self-defense from any physical attack until the “martial arts sticks” were used by a woman to attack his ex-boyfriend for the emotional damage caused to her when she found out that her ex-boyfriend moved on with another woman in the same house which was once shared by both of them.

Buathip Kendray, a British woman, aged 49 and a mother of two children in a furious state of mind broke into her ex’s house, Steven Woods on Aug 6, 2023. Her actions were recorded in a video and were quite disturbing and uncontrollable, causing a huge anxiety to Mr. woods and his girlfriend who were present in that house at that time.

Woman Armed With 'Martial Arts Sticks' Breaks Into Ex-Boyfriend's Home 'Highly Aroused and Angry' After He Moved On: Police - The Messenger

Kendray was seen throwing things  up towards the bedroom window, ripping off a side-view mirror of Wood’s car, kicking over the garbage bin, yelling, and doing various other crazy brutal activities as terrified Woods and his girlfriend tried to contact the police, Kendra smashed the living room window as she made her way inside the house through the living pool and then tried to break into the bedroom were Woods and his girlfriend blocked themselves into, the breaking and smashing sounds could be heard when woods was on the phone saying “Please, I need someone now.”

Kendray having no previous convictions was arrested at the house along with clear pieces of evidence of havoc caused by her including damaged glass and bedroom door.

Kendray’s defense attorney Martine Snowden argued that Kendary was still going through an ocean of emotions and still believed that it was “her home” where she was sharing the address with Mr. Woods before, he changed the locks.

I called the cops on my ex-boyfriend but regret it. How can I apologize? - Quora

Judge John Benson said that such violent actions could not be taken lightly although even after considering the fact that Kendray was sorry for her actions and the self-reflection made her regret her actions It caused serious damage to Mr. woods and his girlfriend and a series of emotional distress that it made them go through, could not be ignored.

Kendray was severely punished for her behavior she was given a restraining order which would prevent her from getting in any contact with Woods or his girlfriend in the future, adding to those 18 months of community service, including a rehabilitation activity and unpaid work for 80 hours.

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