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Chinese Military News: Campaign to enlist US service members and veterans by China is warned by the Air Force

The top Air Force general warned on Friday that China is attempting to recruit US pilots to strengthen Beijing’s own military with “too good to be true” job offers according to Chinese military news.

Air Force warned the US troops about China’s recruitment (Photo: CNN)

Chinese Military News: Campaign to enlist US service members

Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. cautioned in a memorandum that the People’s Liberation Army’s attempt to target and attract American military talent, including veterans, is part of a covert strategy by the Chinese government to “fill gaps in their military capability” and poses a rising threat to national security said Chinese military news.

According to Chinese military news, China “wants to use your knowledge and skill,” Brown wrote in his letter, and he added that “U.S. risk of being targeted by foreign companies doing business and NATO-trained military professionals across specializations and career lines.”

Brown, President Biden’s choice to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, continued, “Many of those who accept contracts with these foreign companies are essentially training the trainer, eroding our national security, putting the very safety of their fellow servicemembers and the country at risk, and may be breaking the law,” as per Chinese military news.

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Chinese Military News: Veterans are warned by the Air Force not to ‘exploit’ them

The Air Force claimed in a second statement over the Chinese military news that it has taken measures to address the threat to national security, including barring entities connected to the PLA from subcontracting with the agency.

The Test Flying Academy of South Africa was added to an export control list by the Department of Commerce in June as a result of its facilitation of technical assistance and training for the PLA utilizing former US military personnel per Chinese Military news.

Contracts that look “too good to be true” or that are deficient in customer information may be indicators of PLA recruiting attempts, according to an unnamed supervisory special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations who called the Chinese endeavor “insidious.”

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