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Threat from China: They excel at capitalism more than we do

BEIJING, CHINA - MARCH 1: (CHINA OUT) Security guard walk past the Chinese national flag at the Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution on March 1, 2008 in Beijing, China. From March 1, the Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution becomes the first national level museum which opens to the public for free in Beijing. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

The robotic parade of the US toward the threat from China moves quickly. We funded Janet Yellen’s airfare for another unproductive visit after Antony Blinken’s unsuccessful visit in the middle of June, and we did the identical thing for John Kerry after Yellen. It’s Gina Raimondo’s turn this week. What is the purpose of this procession, ask the secretaries of state, the treasury, the commerce, and the senior climate envoy.

Threat from China: They excel at capitalism more than the US (Photo: The Made in America Movement)

Threat from China to the US They Excel at Capitalism

I can’t help but wonder if these officials are sent around the Pacific in order of decreasing competence. With the exception of her regrettable accomplishment in cutting civil service pensions, Raimondo, who previously failed as governor, is mediocrity in human form. The Chinese are undoubtedly anticipating who the Biden administration will send their way next with resentment as the US feels the threat from China.

The task is the same in each of these scenarios: It boils down to “two seemingly contradictory responsibilities,” as The New York Times’ Ana Swanson phrased it in a curtain-raiser last week. She stated that the goal was to “strengthen U.S.-Beijing business ties while inflicting some of the strongest Chinese tariffs on trade in years.”

This is clear, albeit we can do without the word “seemingly.” It is absurd to suggest doing ordinary business while undermining the threat from China and its ability to compete in innovative technologies. However, The Times it is crucial that we portray the Biden administration as having good intentions and using common sense while dealing with the People’s Republic.

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Biden Administration’s Threat from China’s Approach Entails Parrying

Blinken, Yellen, Kerry, and Raimondo all failed to accomplish anything; there was no hope for Raimondo. Her trip to Shanghai’s Disneyland is the last thing on her calendar, so credit must go to the secretary’s scheduler for the final allusion to fantasies and dreams. According to an English buddy, Americans are currently blinking and yelling a lot over the Pacific due to the threats from China. Okay, but I believe that for the time being, it is more of the earlier sort than the latter. Simply put, this administration has no concept of what a sensible China policy might entail.

What’s going on here? I’ve long believed that Biden’s foreign policy staff fits the stereotype of madness that is usually but mistakenly applied to Einstein. These individuals seem to be doing the same thing over and over again while hoping for a different outcome. However, given Raimondo’s travel to Beijing this week, I must now alter my assessment. Those in charge of Biden’s national security strategy may be unimaginative ideologues frightened of departing from the neoliberalism catechism, but they are not crazy. In their encounters with the threat from China, I start to sense a sinister scheme—something the Chinese have every right to oppose.

In a nutshell, the Biden administration’s threat from China’s approach entails parrying. Because we are unable to compete with China in a number of strategic industries, all of the pointless talk is meant to conceal this effort.

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