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Texas Woman Avoids Jail Time in Revenge Plot Stabbing of Online Date

Texas Woman's Revenge Plot Revealed in Court (PHOTO: Markus Winkler)

A Texas college student has been spared jail time after being convicted for stabbing her online date in what authorities claim was a revenge plot linked to the killing of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani in 2020.

Texas Woman’s Probation Sentence in Alleged Revenge Plot Stabbing

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Nika Nikoubin, 23, was handed a three-year probation sentence by Judge Carli Kierny on Wednesday. The revenge plot incident occurred in March 2022 when Nikoubin met her date, Daniel Trevino, on the dating platform Plenty of Fish and rented a room together at a Las Vegas hotel. According to court reports, while engaged in a revenge plot sexual encounter, Nikoubin blindfolded Trevino, turned off the lights, and then stabbed him in the neck with a knife. Trevino survived the revenge plot attack, but prosecutors presented evidence of two puncture wounds on his neck. Nikoubin’s defense attorney argued that the attempted revenge plot murder charge was inappropriate, maintaining that her client had only intended to “hurt him” and not kill him.

Texas Woman’s Revenge Plot Revealed in Court

Texas Woman’s Revenge Plot Revealed in Court (PHOTO: Markus Winkler)

During the trial, disturbing details emerged regarding Nikoubin’s revenge plot motivations. A report from the Henderson Police Department revealed that Nikoubin claimed the stabbing was an act of revenge against the U.S. for killing Soleimani in a drone attack. “So, I feel like, it’s fair that American blood be spilled,” she reportedly told officers. Her defense team argued that these revenge plot statements were part of a psychotic episode, highlighting her history of mental health issues, including severe depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Despite expressing remorse and apologizing to the victim and the state of Nevada, Nika Nikoubin will serve her revenge plot probation in Texas. While Trevino has forgiven her, the case serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of revenge-driven acts. The incident highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues and the potential risks associated with online dating. Authorities urge individuals to seek help and support for any mental health struggles and to prioritize safety when interacting with strangers in person, especially through online platforms.

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