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Springfield Missouri Neighborhoods: Where Its Dangerous

Neighborhoods in Missouri, MO that are dangerous. (Photo: Visit The USA)
Neighborhoods in Missouri, MO that are dangerous. (Photo: Visit The USA)

Springfield Missouri neighborhoods that are dangerous and need to be avoided.

Dangerous neighborhoods in Springfield, MO. (Photo: The Payroll Company)

Dangerous neighborhoods in Springfield, MO. (Photo: The Payroll Company)

Springfield Missouri Neighborhoods, Which Are Dangerous?

Springfield Missouri neighborhoods are undeniably beautiful. Most Springfield Missouri neighborhoods are always packed with locals and tourists.

Springfield Missouri neighborhoods, despite bringing joy to both locals and tourists, also bring potential danger to anyone, especially potential tourists. Some Springfield Missouri neighborhoods are said to be so dangerous that they need to be avoided to prevent being in trouble.

Criminals in the Springfield Missouri neighborhoods are always on the run. The high crime rates in the Springfield Missouri neighborhoods make it easy for such criminals to navigate and commit crimes.

Poverty is also evident in the Springfield Missouri neighborhoods. The lack of job opportunities around the Springfield Missouri neighborhoods is one of the causes for such an unfortunate state.

Those on the shorter end of the stick then resort to criminal activities to make ends meet. Such events happening in the Springfield Missouri neighborhoods continue to make the crime rate rise.

According to a published article by NewsBreak, poor infrastructure is also what gives criminals the confidence boost to do criminal activities. Those who are attacked can’t get immediate help due to the poor infrastructure of the neighborhood.

One of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Springfield is Commercial Street due to the high criminal and drug activities that happen in the said area. Glenstone Avenue and Battlefield Road are also dangerous due to drug trafficking and gang activities.

Missouri Cities That Are Unsafe For Settling In

In a published article by the Southwest Journal, cities in Missouri such as St. Louis, Springfield, and Nevada are the top three cities that hold the most risk of being in trouble. The said cities should be avoided moving in as much as possible.

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