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Places In Oklahoma: Where To Avoid Going

Places in Oklahoma that are dangerous. (Photo: TripSavvy)
Places in Oklahoma that are dangerous. (Photo: TripSavvy)

Dangerous places in Oklahoma you should avoid going to.

Oklahoma places that are dangerous and should be avoided. (Photo:

Oklahoma places that are dangerous and should be avoided. (Photo:

Places In Oklahoma That Are Deemed As Dangerous

Oklahoma is a pretty big state in America, naturally, places in Oklahoma are also pretty big and spacious. There are also many places in Oklahoma that have more than 10,000 population in total.

Places in Oklahoma are famous for having many records of different types of crimes. Property crimes may be one of the most types of crimes that are committed in almost every places in Oklahoma.

Murders per person are also very big in number in places in Oklahoma. With big numbers of population, it is not shocking for crime to take place everyday in places in Oklahoma.

Violent crimes in places in Oklahoma are also very rampant. Some places in Oklahoma are famous for having record after record of violent crimes that happen almost every day.

In a published article by movoto, Oklahoma City is the most dangerous among places in Oklahoma. Among places in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City has the highest number of property crimes per individual. Ardmore comes in second place for having a large number of violent and property crimes despite having a smaller number of murders.

Worst Bridges In Oklahoma Counties

In a published article by AZ Animals, even though Oklahoma is a fast-developing state, its infrastructure is not looking and doing too well. Their bridges, specifically, are said to be dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible. Bridges in Oklahoma City like the James C. Nance Memorial Bridge and the Belle Isle Bridge are said to have poor designs and impose danger to whoever will use them.

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