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Sexual Abuse: Nebraska Police Arrest a man in Lincoln for assaulting teen Daughter

Authorities claim that a 34-year-old man from Lancaster County transported a 17-year-old girl from Guatemala to the United States without her will before abusing her physically and sexually for more than two weeks at a home south of Lincoln.

Nebraska City Police Department arrested a man and charged him with third degree-assault for sexually abusing his daughter (Photo: Nebraska City)

Man Arrested in Nebraska for Sexual Abuse

Alvaro Gomez-Lopez, a 34-year-old resident of Roca, was charged and arrested by the authorities in Nebraska with criminal child abuse and cited for third-degree sexual assault. According to reports from the police, a Nebraska resident who may be an illegal immigrant was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly sexually abusing his 17-year-old teen daughter.

It is believed by the authorities that the suspect entered the nation illegally sometime in February. Gomez-Lopez is accused of giving his daughter the impression that she owed him money and of paying for her move from Guatemala around July 16. Authorities assert that he sexually molested his daughter, albeit they did not provide any further details.

According to reports, Alvaro-Gomez’s daughter informed the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office of the abuse on Monday morning by calling a CWS representative, who then alerted the deputies. Police believe Gomez-Lopez was overworked and underfed when his daughter was against moving from Guatemala.

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The victim of Sexual Abuse

As stated by Capt. Tommy Trotter in the news release, “Deputies immediately responded to the location, removed the victim, and transported her to BraveBe Child Advocacy Center for a forensic interview.” The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services received the victim for placement.

The inquiry showed that Gomez-Lopez entered the country unlawfully approximately six months ago. He recently made financial arrangements for the girl, who he knew, to be transferred to him and brought into the country, and she showed up somewhere around July 16, Totter said.

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