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Rock Island Woman Under Fire For Concealment Of Death Of Her 10-Yr-Old Son

concealment of death
Woman under fire for allegedly concealing his son's death. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Woman in Rock Island under charges for the deed of concealment of death of her 10-year-old boy.

Rock Island woman now under charges for concealment of death of his beloved son. (Photo: KWQC)

Rock Island woman now under charges for concealment of the death of his beloved son. (Photo: KWQC)

Concealment of Death For Eight Months

A woman in Rock Island is now under multiple charges as she allegedly hid her son in a trash can. The concealment of death has gone on for eight months. The 37-year-old mother hid her son’s remains in a trash can in their home’s garage. Sushi Staples, the mother, is now facing charges of concealment of death, obstructing justice, and failure to report the death of a child.

The concealment of death of her son, Zion Staples, was deemed suspicious and unnatural. The concealment of death happened the moment Sushi lied about the whereabouts of her son. On the 26th of July, Rock Island Police went to Staple’s residence after receiving a call about a suspicious death and later found the remains of the poor son Zion in which his mother gained the charge of concealment of death.

Rock Island Police also found out that she allegedly moved her son’s body inside their residence to the garage which strengthened her charge of concealment of death even more.

According to a published article in True Crime Daily, the concealment of death is a big and heavy case where a bond of $500,000 is set. The investigations about the concealment of death also lead to a finding the the boy died in December.

“Christmas would never be the same again.”, says Sushi Staples

In another article by People, Sushi Staple has been calling the Department of Children and Family Services a couple of times saying that Christmas would never be the same again. This was strange enough that it prompted a welfare check to their in which the 10-year-old son’s remains were discovered.

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