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Multiple Drug Trafficking Charges Convicted To A Knott County Man

Drug trafficking
Multiple drug trafficking charges to a Knot County Man. (Meltzer & Bell, P.A)

Convictions of drug trafficking as well as a history of felony burglary and attempted murder were made to a Knot County man.

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking charges are made against a Knot County man. (Photo: Law Offices of Arash Hashemi)

A Knot County Man Under Fire For Drug Trafficking Charges, Felony Burglary, and Attempted Murder

A Knot County man named Michael Nolan Slone was convicted of multiple drug trafficking charges and was sentenced to more than twelve years in federal prison. The Knot County man had his trial in March. As stated by the Kentucky State Police, the Knot County Man was found inside his car at a gas station containing one hundred grams of meth as well as two guns, one on the Knot County man.

According to the article published in, the Knot County man was already prohibited from possessing guns due to his past crime history of felony burglary and attempted murder. The Knot County man needs to at least serve 85 percent of his sentence and once the Knot County man is released he will still be under supervision by the U.S Probation Office for the course of five years.

A Knot County Man Scheduled To Go On Trial

According to an article published in, the Knot County man pleads not guilty to all his charges. He is now scheduled to have another hearing. Police also said that if the Knot County man will be convicted of another crime, he might spend his life in prison.

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