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Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Bold Vision: $800 Million in New Revenue for Chicago Without Property Taxes

Mayor Brandon Johnson on Property Tax
Mayor Brandon Johnson's Ambitious Revenue Plan: Exploring a 3.5% Income Tax on High Earners to Raise $800 Million for Chicago (PHOTO: The TRiiBE)

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Bold Vision: $800 Million in New Revenue for Chicago Without Property Taxes

Mayor Brandon Johnson is working to fulfill his campaign promise of raising $800 million in new revenue for Chicago without property tax, exploring a 3.5% income tax on high earners to generate over $2 billion.

Mayor Brandon Johnson on Property Tax

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Ambitious Revenue Plan: Exploring a 3.5% Income Tax on High Earners to Raise $800 Million for Chicago (PHOTO: WTTW News)

Exploring Income Tax on High Earners as a Potential Solution

As of the current state of affairs in Chicago, Mayor Brandon Johnson, as reported by ABC7 Chicago, has been diligently working on fulfilling his campaign promise to raise $800 million in new revenue for the city without resorting to property taxes. Throughout his tenure, Mayor Brandon Johnson has explored various ideas to achieve this goal, despite facing obstacles with proposed measures such as a financial transactions tax and a business head tax, both of which encountered roadblocks in Springfield and the City Council.

Many of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s supporters and allies, according to Illinois Answers Project, are advocating for an alternative solution: implementing an income tax on high earners. Although the Mayor himself has not explicitly endorsed this proposition, he remains open to exploring it as a viable option for raising significant revenues for Chicago. The proposal entails levying a 3.5% tax on all household income above $100,000, which supporters believe could generate more than $2 billion in additional funds for the city. Importantly, they argue that such an approach would spare the city’s poorest residents and avoid further burden on property taxes.


Illinois Answers Project, a research organization, has taken a close look at how other U.S. cities have successfully implemented income taxes and the potential implications of adopting a similar approach in Chicago. Throughout their analysis, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s commitment to finding the most equitable and sustainable means of generating revenue has been evident.

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s vision for Chicago’s fiscal future has not wavered, and he remains determined to explore every viable option to fulfill his pledge. The mayor’s pragmatic approach and willingness to collaborate with various stakeholders have earned him significant support from different sectors of the city.

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s tenure has been characterized by transparency and a steadfast commitment to addressing the financial challenges facing Chicago. Through regular communication with the public and stakeholders, the mayor has consistently emphasized the need for creative and innovative solutions to avoid placing additional burdens on the city’s taxpayers.


Fostering Economic Growth and Equitable Revenue Solutions for Chicago’s Future

The ongoing discussions about potential revenue streams are an integral part of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s commitment to fostering economic growth and prosperity in Chicago. His administration is keenly focused on ensuring that the burden of generating revenue is distributed fairly and does not disproportionately impact the most vulnerable residents.

While the debate over the income tax proposal continues, Mayor Brandon Johnson has been actively engaging with experts, community leaders, and elected officials to better understand the potential implications of various revenue-raising strategies. His collaborative approach to governance has been widely lauded and has led to increased public trust in his ability to navigate the city through financial challenges effectively.

In the face of challenges and potential setbacks, Mayor Brandon Johnson has remained resolute, striving to find a balanced and sustainable solution that aligns with the needs and aspirations of Chicago’s diverse population. By exploring innovative measures and keeping an open mind to various perspectives, Mayor Brandon Johnson is demonstrating leadership and a genuine commitment to making Chicago a more prosperous and equitable city for all its residents.

As the city continues to grapple with revenue-raising strategies, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s determination and dedication to finding the best path forward have not wavered. His vision for a financially strong and vibrant Chicago is unwavering, and he continues to work tirelessly to turn that vision into a reality. Through collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and a focus on the greater good, Mayor Brandon Johnson is leading Chicago towards a brighter and more prosperous future.


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