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Monroe Smoke Shop Busted for Illegal Marijuana Sales – Faces Pending Criminal Charges

Pending Criminal Charges Loom After Illegal THC Product Bust (PHOTO: Wikileaf)

Monroe police have successfully cracked down on an illicit marijuana operation running under the guise of a local smoke shop, which now faces pending criminal charges.

Pending Criminal Charges Cast Shadow on Alleged Illegal Marijuana Sales

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The Area 51 Smoke Shop, which only opened its doors earlier this year, has been reportedly caught in the act of illegally selling marijuana and other THC-infused products without the necessary license. Monroe police Lt. Stephen Corrone revealed that the ongoing investigation could lead to pending criminal charges against the shop. Concerns about Area 51 Smoke Shop with pending criminal charges first arose when anonymous tips flooded the department, tipping them off about the shop’s suspicious activities. It was alleged that the shop was not only selling controlled substances without authorization but was also recklessly distributing products to juveniles as young as 14.

Alleged Unlicensed Marijuana Sales Now Faces Pending Criminal Charges

Monroe’s Area 51 Smoke Shop Raided (PHOTO: CNBC)

During the operation of the shop with pending criminal charges, detectives uncovered multiple instances of products being sold in direct violation of state laws. Beyond that, the shop seemed to flout labor and tax regulations. With sufficient evidence in hand, the authorities obtained a search and seizure warrant and handed the shop pending criminal charges. Collaborating with several state agencies, Monroe detectives executed a thorough search of the smoke shop, leading to the discovery of approximately four pounds of marijuana and a vast array of THC products, including vapes, pre-rolled joints, and THC-infused gummies. All these findings indicated that Area 51 Smoke Shop lacked the proper authorization to handle and sell these substances, putting it in jeopardy of severe penalties and the threat of pending criminal charges. Lt. Corrone underscored the importance of abiding by state laws, emphasizing that the sale of marijuana and THC products should only occur through authorized dispensaries, of which Monroe currently has none but pending criminal charges.

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