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Lawsuit Filed Against Twitter for Alleged Failure to Pay for Office Services in Four Countries

Following the acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk, Twitter is being sued for allegedly failing to pay more than $1 million in office fitout bills. (Photo:

Twitter finds itself entangled in a fresh lawsuit filed as allegations surface of unpaid services for its offices in prominent global locations including London, Dublin, Sydney, and Singapore.

Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, is being sued for allegedly failing to pay for office services. (Photo: )

Twitter fails to fulfill payment obligations for services

Twitter finds itself embroiled in yet another legal battle as a lawsuit filed has been toasted up against the company, accusing it of failing to fulfill payment obligations for services rendered in its offices located in London, Dublin, Sydney, and Singapore. Facilitate’s lawsuit filed seeks a collective payment exceeding A$1 million ($666,000) across the three businesses, covering unpaid invoices dating back to October of the previous year, when Elon Musk acquired Twitter.

In the published article of The Guardian, Facilitate, a Sydney-based infrastructure company, carried out an office fit-out in Singapore as well as sensor installation services in London and Dublin. In Australia, the company decommissioned Twitter’s Sydney office and temporarily stored its contents. Facilitate  claims outstanding amounts of £203,115, SGD$546,596, and A$61,318, respectively.

Accordingly, NCA Newswire was the first to report about the lawsuit filed, which was brought at the end of June in the Northern California US District Court.  As a result, Facilitate’s lawsuit filed is seeking damages and costs through the legal proceedings, while Twitter has not yet presented a defense. In the court filings, Facilitate highlights in his lawsuit filed that it is not the only company suing Twitter since Musk assumed control. The lawsuit filed asserts that Musk’s moderation decisions and the unbanning of far-right and neo-Nazi accounts have led to advertiser alienation and a financial crisis for the social media giant.

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Facilitate, a Sydney-based infrastructure firm, is looking for a company settlement

According to Facilitate, “Twitter responded with a campaign of extreme belt-tightening that amounted to forcing nearly everyone to sue it to recover money.” The company goes on to explain that Twitter stopped paying rent on some of its offices, discontinued payments to various vendors whose services it continued to utilize, canceled multiple contracts, and ceased payments to individuals to whom it had outstanding debts.

Previously, Twitter has faced lawsuit filed over allegations of failure to pay rent for its offices worldwide. Speculation has also arisen that the recent decision by the company to limit non-paying users to viewing only 600 posts per day was a result of Twitter’s financial struggles in meeting service-related expenses. Musk has stated that the limit is intended to prevent data scraping.

 Following the significant layoffs at Twitter subsequent to Musk’s takeover, the company no longer maintains a press department. An attempt to seek comment on the case by emailing the previous contact address resulted in an automated response featuring a poop emoji.

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