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Up to $11,912 U.S. Health Care Fund For Health Care Services, Yet United States Has Highest Death Rates

US has the largest amount of health care fund among the riches countries in the world
US has the largest amount of health care fund among the riches countries in the world

The US spends not less than $11,912 on health care fund services but according to the statistics, the US has the highest rates of deaths.

Health Care Fund For Health Care Services

An image of innovative equipment used to treat patients. (The Globe and the Mail)

US spend the amount of $11,912 in the year 2021 for the health care fund of its citizens. It was four times higher than the countries of Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.

Although, globally health care fund has been increasing rapidly since the year of 1980’s. This is driven by the advancements of medical technologies, the high demand of medical services and the costs of medical care.

US has the largest amount of health care fund among the riches countries in the world. But apart from that US has the lowest life expectancy as it dropped it further in the year 2021. During the time of Covid-19 many people died from this virus infections in the US other than the neighboring countries according to the statistics report of World Health Organization.

Even though US did well in cancer prevention and treating cancers along with Sweden. US exceeded the OECD average when it comes to colorectal cancer.

According to Dr. Benjamin the executive director of the American Public Health Association that it will validates the fact that if they continue to spend more of the health care fund of the US more than anybody else in the world they will possibly get the worst health outcomes.

Dr. Benjamin also referenced tree stages to fix the health care fund system that the nation should take. The following stages are as follows;

  • US is the only nation that does not have universal health care or access for all the citizens.
  • US don’t do primary care prevention as the other countries and still have public health system which is fractured.
  • US is under-invest compared to the industrialized countries. Unlike them US support or spend the money on sick care.


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