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Jordan Demands for Appropriations Bills: Whistleblower Protection, Border Security, and Accountability Among Key Priorities

Jim Jordan Unveils His Stipulations for Appropriations Bills via Written Correspondence
Jordan stresses civil liberties, accountability in proposed appropriations bills. (Photo: US Business News)

Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, sends letter to House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Kay Granger, outlining demands to reduce spending and enhance accountability in Federal Agencies.

Jim Jordan Unveils His Stipulations for Appropriations Bills via Written Correspondence

Jim Jordan, who serves as the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has recently written a letter addressed to the House Appropriations Committee (Photo: US Business Inside News)

Jordan’s letter addresses concerns, requests budget changes for transparency, security

Congressman Jordan recently sent a letter to address various concerns and requests regarding the government’s budget plans. In the letter, he outlined a range of demands for the appropriations bills. Some of these demands include protecting FBI whistleblowers, securing the southern border, and promoting transparency and accountability within federal agencies.

In a published article in the Washington Examiner, Jordan asks in the appropriations bills that taxpayer funds  not be used to pay the salaries of FBI or Justice Department officials who retaliate against whistleblowers. He also opposes, stipulated in the appropriations bills,  the use of taxpayer dollars to support President Biden’s southern border policy. Furthermore, he requests the elimination of taxpayer funds going towards entities engaged in speech suppression, such as the Global Engagement Center.

Additionally, Jordan suggests that no new funds should be allocated for a new FBI headquarters unless it is relocated to Huntsville, Alabama. He raises concerns about the politicization of federal law enforcement power stemming from the centralization of FBI operations in Washington, D.C., which he believes has led to inefficiencies and improper political influence.

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Jordan stresses civil liberties, accountability in proposed appropriations bills

To increase transparency in the appropriations bills, Jordan proposes that funding be tied to specific policy changes at the FBI. For example, he recommends requiring the electronic recording and retention of criminal investigation interviews for ten years, excluding interviews with confidential informants or non-U.S. residents outside the United States.

Furthermore, Jordan opposes the allocation of taxpayer funds towards policies that discourage the U.S. Marshall Service from protecting Supreme Court justices. Also in the appropriations bills, he addresses funding for social issues, requesting that funds appropriated to the Department of Homeland Security not be used for hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery for immigrants in custody.

Throughout the letter in Jordan’s proposed appropriations bills, he emphasizes the importance of safeguarding fundamental civil liberties and holding the Biden Administration accountable. He highlights in the appropriations bills the ongoing efforts of the Committee on the Judiciary and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government in identifying potential reforms through the appropriations bills process.

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