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House GOP Conservatives Issue Funding Ultimatum to McCarthy

House GOP Conservatives Issue Funding Ultimatum to McCarthy
House GOP Conservatives Issue Funding Ultimatum to McCarthy (Photo: PBS News Hour)

In a letter sent on Monday, a bloc of 21 House GOP Conservatives conveyed a stern message to Speaker Kevin McCarthy, declaring their intention to oppose any government funding legislation that does not meet their specific demands. This ultimatum sets the stage for a potential clash within the Republican ranks as negotiations on crucial funding measures loom large.

House GOP Conservatives Threaten to Oppose Government Funding, Putting Pressure on McCarthy. (Photo:

House GOP Conservatives Threaten to Oppose Government Funding, Putting Pressure on McCarthy

A group of 21 House GOP conservatives has delivered an ultimatum to Speaker Kevin McCarthy, indicating their intention to vote against government funding legislation unless specific demands are met. This move by the House GOP intensifies the battle over a critical bill and highlights the challenges McCarthy, a Republican from California, will encounter in navigating the legislative process. Successfully passing government funding legislation requires not only the support of the GOP-led House but also the Democratic-controlled Senate and President Joe Biden‘s signature.

With the deadline to fund the government approaching on September 30, Congress faces the pressing task of reaching an agreement to avoid a shutdown. The 21 Republicans, led by Representatives Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Chip Roy of Texas, insist that spending levels adhere to those outlined in the bipartisan debt limit law. They demand a reduction in spending from the Democrats’ post-COVID levels, aligning with the fiscal 2022 amount of $1.471 trillion without employing budgetary tricks.

In their letter to Speaker McCarthy, the House GOP conservatives urge a strategic approach, requesting that all 12 government spending bills be held back until they have passed through committee. They also call for the rejection of omnibus bills and supplemental legislation aimed at boosting aid funding for Ukraine. Additionally, the Republicans suggest that their demands could be met by securing President Biden’s support for H.R. 2, a Republican border enforcement bill.

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Result of standoff decides government funding path, tests McCarthy’s leadership

The repercussions of the House GOP conservatives’ threat are significant, as reaching the required 218 Republican votes for appropriations or other measures appears improbable without accommodating their demands. While McCarthy’s office has not yet responded to the ultimatum, this confrontation puts the House GOP leadership in a difficult position.

It’s worth noting that the letter does not appear to be an official product of the House Freedom Caucus, although several members of the House GOP, including Perry, have endorsed it. The outcome of this standoff will determine the path forward for government funding and will test McCarthy’s ability to navigate internal divisions within the House GOP.

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