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Inmate at Fulton County Jail slain a week after Trump announced his surrender

On Thursday, a prisoner was fatally stabbed inside the Fulton County Jail. The prison where former President Donald Trump was arrested a week ago has recorded nine fatalities so far this year.

Inmate was murdered after Trump’s Surrender at Fulton County Jail (Photo: CNN)

After Trump’s Surrender, an Inmate was Killed at Fulton County Jail

According to Atlanta News First, two additional prisoners in Fulton County Jail were injured in the stabbing on Thursday. According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, the scene was still in progress as of Thursday afternoon. At around 3:20 p.m., an ambulance was seen exiting the facility.

The jail has come under national prominence after Trump’s booking there, where his and his 18 co-defendants’ mug photographs were taken. Fulton County Jail has become notable owing to its severe living circumstances, prompting the launch of a Department of Justice probe in July.

According to the DOJ, the investigation was started because of “credible allegations that an inmate died covered in insects and filth, that the Fulton County Jail is structurally unsafe, that there have been serious injuries and homicides due to the violence that is common there, and that officers are facing legal action for using excessive force.”

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Trump criticized the “poor and disgraceful conditions” at the Fulton County Jail

Attorney General Merrick Garland stated in July that “people in prisons and jails are entitled to basic protections of their civil rights. We launched this investigation into the Fulton County Jail based on serious allegations of unsafe, unsanitary living conditions at the jail, excessive force and violence inside the jail, discrimination against detainees with mental health issues, and failure to provide adequate medical care to detainees.”

In an email newsletter, Trump criticized the “poor and disgraceful conditions” at the Fulton County Jail, saying, “Seeing the third-world state of that jail made me even more determined to run for president and save our country from permanent decline.”

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