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Manhattan Building Superintendent: Before Changing Jobs, Man Kills His Wife and Children by Stabbing them to Death

Earlier this week, a long-time superintendent of a building in New York City savagely murdered his family. The man kills his wife and two small children by stabbing them before committing suicide.

Before Changing Jobs, Man Kills His Wife and Children by Stabbing Them to Death (Photo: Yahoo News)

Man Kills His Wife and Children by Stabbing

Police said a longtime superintendent of an apartment building in New York City allegedly murdered his family. The man kills his wife and two young children, aged 1 and 3, before killing himself.

The bodies were found in the family’s home on Manhattan’s Upper West Side on a Monday afternoon, surprising friends and neighbors that the man kills his wife and children who told police there were not many obvious indicators of trouble inside the fourth-floor flat.

Police officials said Edison Lopez, 41, used multiple kitchen knives and the man kills his wife, Aleksandra Witex, and their two young children. The wife and kids were stabbed several times before being dumped in the corridor leading to the apartment’s front door. Lopez had a single wound to his neck when he was discovered on his bed.

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Before Changing Jobs, Man Kills His Wife

Police claimed that he did not leave a message after the man kills his wife or make any incriminating posts on social media before the occurrence.

When he didn’t hear back from his son, Mario Lopez reportedly knocked out the apartment’s peephole and saw the gruesome scene, including Witex’s dead body. He then reportedly called the police.

According to the grandfather, before the man kills his wife was supposed to watch the youngest child that morning at about 9:30 a.m. When she didn’t receive a response to her knocks, calls, or texts, she contacted the older Lopez to check things out.

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