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Delaware County Commissioners Extend Property Tax Relief for Second Consecutive Year

Delaware County Commissioners Respond to Inflation with Renewed Property Tax Relief (PHOTO: Nataliya Vaitkevich)

The Delaware County Commissioners have unanimously voted to extend the 0.5-mill property tax rollback for a second consecutive year.

Delaware County Commissioners Secure Second Year of Property Tax Relief Amidst Rising Values

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This renewed Delaware County Commissioners initiative, which was initially enacted a year ago, is poised to provide significant relief to property owners within the county. The Delaware County Commissioners unanimous decision was met with appreciation from residents as the Delaware County Commissioners pledged to alleviate the mounting burden caused by rising property tax values. Under the leadership of Commissioner Jeff Benton, president of this year’s Board of Delaware County Commissioners, the county has reinforced its commitment to support the community during a time of escalating property values. Benton emphasized, “With property tax values increasing this year, we wanted to provide some property tax relief. Thankfully, because of the county’s strong financial position and excellent fiscal management, we are able to provide this rollback, while maintaining our excellent services and continuing to fund our planned road improvements and new facilities.” One of the Delaware County Commissioners Gary Merrell, a staunch advocate of the relief measure, echoed this sentiment, particularly in light of the ongoing inflationary environment. He expressed, “In this inflationary environment, we believe it is important to provide some modest relief to the benefit of our taxpayers. As I said last year, it is my hope that all residents will benefit — directly or indirectly — from this reduction, which is possible because of our fiscally conservative policies.”

Delaware County Commissioners Extend Property Tax Break for Another Year

Delaware County Commissioners Respond to Inflation with Renewed Property Tax Relief (PHOTO: Nataliya Vaitkevich)

During the current tax year, the original 0.5-mill rollback yielded substantial savings of $4.8 million. This week’s resolute decision extends the rollback, promising an additional $1.7 million in tax relief for Delaware County Commissioners property owners in the upcoming tax year, culminating in a total savings of $6.5 million. As the community faces evolving financial landscapes, the unwavering commitment of the Delaware County Commissioners to provide economic relief shines as a beacon of support for property owners. The extension of the Delaware County Commissioners property tax rollback for a second year underscores the county’s dedication to maintaining a balance between essential services, fiscal responsibility, and the well-being of its residents.

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