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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Star Among Those Arrested in Atlanta Lounge Brawl with Security Guards and Police

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star Arrested in Atlanta Lounge Brawl (PHOTO: Ron Lach)

A Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star found themselves entangled in a chaotic brawl at an Atlanta lounge, leading to their arrest along with two fellow reality TV personalities.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Cast Member in Altercation

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The incident unfolded on Friday night at Lucca Lounge in Buckhead, as Love and Hiphop Hollywood: Atlanta’s Erica Mena and Addie “Bambi” Richardson, along with Love and Hiphop Hollywood cast member Rodney Shaw (also known as Zellswag), became embroiled in a confrontation with security guards. The altercation escalated to involve Atlanta police, resulting in the arrest of the trio, as confirmed by authorities. The Love and Hiphop Hollywood incident took place on the evening of August 25, drawing the attention of law enforcement after a dispute was reported at the lounge. Arriving on the Love and Hiphop Hollywood scene, officers were confronted with a physical altercation between the patrons and the establishment’s security personnel. Attempts to diffuse the situation through communication were met with resistance, as the individuals involved reportedly turned physically aggressive towards the responding officers. The Love and Hiphop Hollywood stars had reportedly been asked to leave the premises multiple times by the security personnel before the brawl erupted. All three Love and Hiphop Hollywood individuals, including Rodney Shaw, who also goes by Zellswag, were taken into custody and transported to Fulton County Jail.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Personality Among Arrested Trio

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star Arrested in Atlanta Lounge Brawl (PHOTO: Minh Tri)

The charges lodged against them included willful obstruction of law enforcement, according to jail records. In addition, Erica Mena and Rodney Shaw faced charges of simple battery, with Mena also facing an additional charge of simple battery against a police officer. The altercation, which played out in a video footage subsequently shared by TMZ, showcased the tense situation as police and security guards struggled to remove the trio from the lounge. Saucy Santana, a Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Miami star and rapper, later addressed the incident in an Instagram video, explaining that he had left the lounge once the fighting started. Santana clarified that Shaw was attempting to defend his female friends, including Erica Mena, during the confrontation.

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