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Another Tropical Storm Southern California will hit this year of 2023 according to Climate Point

As Hilary a tropical storm Southern California landed, officials there issued a warning that the worst is yet to come.

More tropical storm Southern California is yet to come this 2023 (Photo: BBC)

Tropical Storm Southern California

On Sunday, as a tropical storm Southern California Hilary made its historic landfall, it pounded Southern California with a barrage of rain, flooding roads and shattering records in certain parts of the region.

Flash flood warnings are in effect until the early hours of Monday thanks to a state of emergency that California Governor Gavin Newsom issued for portions in affected areas of tropical storm Southern California.

The National Weather Service issued a warning about potentially fatal consequences and record-breaking rainfall. The Los Angeles area had already smashed many records for daily rainfall totals by Sunday night and tropical storm Southern California, according to the weather service.

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There’s more to come! Tropical Storm Southern California

According to the National Weather Service, that is how the current, perhaps record-breaking heat wave that is hitting millions of Americans in the central and southeast United States as well as tropical storm Southern California is being described. Doyle Rice of USA TODAY reports on this. Over the next few days, temperatures are anticipated to break a number of daily records as well as possibly monthly records, according to the weather service. They advised people to avoid spending a lot of time outside in the heat.

Although Tropical Storm Southern California, heat waves, and flash floods have always occurred in the late summer, scientists have long projected that they will become more severe as long as greenhouse gases that trap heat continue to be pumped into the sky. Although it takes time to establish a connection between global warming and particular occurrences, it is becoming more likely that we will all face a rough ride.

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