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When will heat dome end? as heat wave affects 130 million Americans in 22 states

When will heat dome end? According to the National Weather Service, “searing” heat is scorching sections of the central and southern United States this week as a vast dome of high pressure remains over the areas.

National Weather Service, “searing” heat is scorching sections of the central and southern United States so when will heat dome end? (Photo: 100.9 The Eagle)

What is a heat dome and when will heat dome end?

Forecaster AccuWeather answers the question When will heat dome end? a “massive heat dome” that is parked over the central United States is to blame for the excessive temperatures. William Gallus, an atmospheric science professor at Iowa State University, says that a heat dome happens when a prolonged area of high pressure traps heat over an area.

According to Erdman, it is “a bubble of high pressure and warm air that suppresses clouds and rain and diverts the storm track well to the north, which can lead to extended heat waves near their core when those occur in the middle of summer,” in response to the question when will heat dome end?

This area of high pressure was described by the weather service as “an extremely potent upper-level ridge.”

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‘Heat Dome’ strikes in 22 states in the U.S.

Parts of the United States and other parts of the world have already experienced an exceptionally hot summer; this week’s heat wave is simply the latest to punish them. Some American people might be asking when will heat dome end.

Weather forecasters warned that the heat wave could break records and be harmful and when will heat dome end. “Heat alerts have been issued from Minneapolis to New Orleans, which includes 22 states and roughly 130 million people,” said weather service meteorologist Cody Snell.

According to Jonathan Erdman, a meteorologist for, daytime highs in the 100s could extend as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin and across most of the South, from Texas and Oklahoma to the Tennessee Valley, Deep South, and northern Florida.

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