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Woman Who Insults German Tourists Spotted At UES Apartment

Train passenger who berated German tourists spotted at UES apartment as colleague recalls bigoted rant.

The train passenger filmed “drunkenly” telling German tourists to go back to their country was spotted leaving her Upper East Side apartment building as a former colleague accused her of spewing a bigoted rant about their boss.

Brianna Pinnix, 30, emerged from her apartment on a leafy Manhattan street looking fresh-faced and sporting sunglasses Friday, despite the firestorm surrounding her behavior that had landed her jobless days earlier.

Earlier Friday, a former colleague told the Daily Mail Pinnix was known at work for being “not a good drunk,” and frequently exhibiting “aggressive” behavior that mirrored her performance on the NJ-Transit.

A recruiter at InterQuest from 2019 to 2022, Pinnix allegedly once called her boss there a “Scottish piece of s–t” on a call, and said she “hoped he would be deported.”

“None of us that used to work with her are surprised by this video,” the former colleague said of her latest outburst. “There was frequent aggressive, angry behavior, she has just been caught out this time.”

She later posted a series of TikTok videos in which she said that same boss “gaslit her,” and accused him of spending nearly all the funds on a gift card she’d won in a company raffle.

“If someone at my old company sees this, sorry. If someone at my new company sees this, sorry but it needs to be said,” she said in the video.

The former colleague described her as an “HR nightmare.”

“Brianna was not a good drunk, there were always tears and screaming when she drank at work events,” he said.

“It got to the point where she was banned from work social events.”

Pinnix appeared to be drunk when she was filmed confronting a pair of young German tourists who she was convinced had been talking about her.

“What did you say? Tell me what you said,” she demanded in the video.

As she grew more aggressive, her boyfriend pleaded that she back down.

“Brie, Brie, do not do this, do not do this, you’re going to get arrested,” he said, but Pinnix shrugged him off and continued to berate the Germans.

After returning to her seat for a moment, Pinnix stood back up and shouted at the tourists, “How about you get the f–k out of our country!”

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