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Wife Of Murdered NYPD Detective Sobs As Witness Describes Lethal Injuries

Wife of slain NYPD detective Anastasios Tsakos sobs as witness describes gruesome injuries at trial.

The widow of a veteran NYPD cop killed by an alleged drunken hit-and-run driver burst into tears as a paramedic described her late husband’s gruesome injuries to a Queens courtroom on Tuesday.

“His face was split in two,” New York Presbyterian EMS Kevin Beverly testified of slain Det. Anastasios Tsakos – as the manslaughter trial of accused drunk driver Jessica Beauvais kicked off in Queens Supreme Court.

“There was a lot of facial trauma, a lot of swelling, bleeding, bleeding from the ears, bruising on the neck area,” said Beverly, as widow Irene Tsakos sobbed openly in the gallery.

“He had a left leg amputation below the knee halfway down.”

The heartbroken woman was temporarily escorted from the courtroom by supporters before prosecutors displayed horrifying crime scene photos of the cop’s broken body.

They showed his face covered in blood, his eyes closed and mouth open, stuffed with gauze. His nose, visibly broken.

Tsakos, a 43-year-old dad of two young kids, was investigating an accident on the Long Island Expressway in the early hours of April 27, 2021 when Beauvais allegedly slammed into him – leaving his body battered on the road as she drove off in her damaged 2013 Volkswagen.

Wife Of Murdered NYPD Detective Sobs As Witness Describes Lethal Injuries

“His organs and bones were crushed,” Assistant District Attorney Greg Lasak, Jr., told the jury during opening arguments earlier Tuesday before Queens Supreme Court Justice Michael Aloise.

“His leg was amputated. He landed 171 feet from impact,” the prosecutor continued. “She left him there on the side of the road to die, without his leg.”

Prosecutors have said Beauvais, 34, was high on drugs and had a blood alcohol level of .15 — nearly twice the legal limit  — when she hit Tsakos, a 14-year NYPD veteran who was promoted to the rank of detective after his tragic death.

Bodycam footage that captured the officer’s violent last moments was shown in court Tuesday afternoon – with his former partner crying on the witness stand as prosecutors played the graphic video.

S–t! It’s really bad,” Det. Eric Cassidy could be heard frantically radioing in for help on the recording. “My partner is down! He was hit by a car. It’s bad. Hurry it up!. S–t. F–k.”

Cassidy then screamed at passing motorists, some of whom ran over Tsakos’ severed leg as they sped by the site of the crash.

“Stop! F–k. He’s f–ing dead. He’s f–ing dead. That’s his f–ing leg over there!” the distraught cop then yelled to other officers.

“We couldn’t stop the car,” he said as he broke down, according to the video. “I couldn’t stop the car. His leg’s over there!”

Just hours before the fatal 2 a.m. crash, Beauvais was seen on a live podcast, posted on Facebook, that showed her downing drinks – including guzzling several shots – while going off on an anti-cop rant.

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