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White Man Hoses Down Black Neighbors And Makes Them Feel Worse Than Animals

“We experienced a very specific, very heinous type of attack that harkens back to a dark period of this country’s history,” plaintiff Katya Dossous said in a statement through her lawyers Tuesday.

“An attack I believe was premeditated, deliberate and thought out with the intent to make us feel ‘less than,’ like animals.”

The doctor’s white neighbor, Marcus Rosebrock, allegedly sprayed down attendees with a hose after complaining about the noise, according to a lawsuit from earlier this month.

At one point during the alleged dousing, Dossous “attempted to speak calmly with [Rosebrock] in an effort to get [him] to stop,” the Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuit filed by 19 celebrants, all black and Latino, except for one white guest.

But instead of heeding Dossous’ requests, “Rosbrock also turned his water hose on plaintiff Dossous at high intensity and viciously hosed her with water from head to toe,” the suit claims.

Photos obtained by The Post show a shocked Dossous, of Brooklyn, with soaked clothes moments after the alleged incident.

On Tuesday morning, Rosebrock was seen briefly emerging from his three-story white house following the bombshell allegations — which he denied through his lawyer. A long light green garden hose was seen unraveled on the ground outside the corner home.

“Water hoses have long been used against people of color,” Dossous’ statement said. “Mr. Rosebrock chose this specific method with the intent of dehumanizing us.”

The swanky festivities were attended by prominent music executive Rigo Morales, former Fordham Law classmates of Rosevony’s and the evening’s nine-course meal was catered by Vanessa Cantave — the winner of season 11 of Bravo show “Rocco’s Dinner Party.”

The soiree came to an abrupt halt when a white woman and her German Shepherd came over to the Duroseau’s home demanding that they turn the music down at 9:50 p.m., the suit claimed.

Rosebrock later used the garden hose to drench the guests — in a move the suit says is “reminiscent” of 1960s Birmingham, Ala. when white cops would use fire hoses to break up black civil rights activists, the court papers claim.

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