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What Define Racial Disparity Is The Burden Of Black Women In Student Loan Debt

Financial debt
Americans and their problems with finances especially in terms of managing their debts. (Photo: ORF)

The burden of Black women paying off their debts just shows the racial disparity present in the world.

Racial disparities between Black students having student loan and other races. (Photo: The Boston Globe)

Racial disparity between Black students having student loans and other races. (Photo: The Boston Globe)

Define Racial Disparity In Terms Of Student Loan Debt

Black students have been said to have the highest amount of student debt which only define racial disparities among students of different races. What define racial disparities is that Black women on average leave with $30,400 in debt.

What also define racial disparity is that student loan debt limits the choices and options for the Black people community, especially the women. Especially since it is said that the highest average total of undergraduate and graduate student loan debt is Black women, which only define racial disparity even more.

People of color are also said to experience the effects of student loan debt more, which still define racial disparity. The wage gap between people of color and other races also define racial disparities being felt by Black people.

According to a published article by Carolina Public Press, Eleanor Tyson have stated that there is connection between her identity and student debt which only define racial disparity even more. Black women accumulate a total of $30,400 in debt while White women only have $22,000 which shows and define racial disparity even more.

Different Sizes Of Student Loan Debt

In a published article by Investopedia, in 2019, the biggest amount of student loan money was taken out by Black borrowers. White loan borrowers were the second on the list.

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