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US, Israel, Hamas And Shani Louk

Shani Louk deserved Hamas’ brutality, according to the US left.

Remember: When leftists praise “decolonization,” they are celebrating the murder of innocents like Shani Louk by bloodthirsty Hamas killers .

Don’t believe us; take their word for it.

A speaker at the DSA-NYC’s rally on Sunday shouted to the crowd “as you might have seen, there was some sort of rave or desert party where they were having a great time until the resistance came in electrified hang gliders and took at least several dozen hipsters.”

He was greeted with whoops and laughter.

A Cal State-Long Beach student group held a “Day of Resistance” (to celebrate Palestinian terrorism).

Prominent on the event poster was a paraglider of the kind Hamas used to infiltrate Israel and attack a desert rave where Louk and dozens of others were either killed or taken hostage.

Those same “decolonizers” then paraded the likely dead Louk’s body in the back of a pickup truck.

Israel war 2023 Heartbreaking video shows Shani Louk dancing before Hamas terror attack, which mom now thinks she survived.

Millennial journo Najma Sharif cheered the attacks on X with “What did y’all think decolonization meant? vibes? papers? essays? losers.”

Sharif garnered tens of thousands of likes and reposts for cheerleading mass murder.

There’s a clear irony here: The victims of the rave attack like Louk almost certainly shared the lefty social politics of those cheering on their deaths to some degree.

The kids at the rave were not Bibi voters.

But the irony points to a deep moral depravity.

Beneath the official rhetoric spouted by DSA-affiliated politicians like AOC that “No child and family should ever endure this kind of violence and fear,” her comrades very much believe the opposite.

Civilian deaths should be celebrated, as long as they’re the right kind of civilians.

Even the fact that new reports suggest Hamas atrocities included the murder of babies via decapitation has not shaken these armchair revolutionaries.

So when the cheers go up from beardos in NYC and San Francisco, please remember what they’re cheering for.

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