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US House Speaker Calls Out Joe Biden For Not Having Met Eric Adams To Discuss Migrants In NYC

Huse Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has voiced strong criticism against President Joe Biden for failing to meet with New York City Mayor Eric Adams to address the escalating immigration concerns in the city. McCarthy’s remarks came in the wake of a press briefing, where he highlighted multiple challenges facing the nation, including border security and ongoing crises.

During the briefing, McCarthy underscored the pressing issue of border security, characterizing it as a significant challenge for the country. He accused the Biden administration of presiding over a “wide-open” border, expressing concern over the alarming rise in individuals on the terrorist watch list entering the United States. In February alone, McCarthy noted that more individuals on the terrorist watch list were apprehended at the border than during the entire previous administration.

“What Americans want to know is why these individuals are coming, who they are communicating with, and what their intentions are,” McCarthy stated. He emphasized that the issue extended beyond just a few South American countries, as individuals from 160 other nations have attempted to enter the country, including individuals from Yemen on the terrorist watch list.

In addition to border security, McCarthy touched on fiscal matters. He expressed a commitment to curbing excessive government spending, citing previous efforts during the debt ceiling negotiations. McCarthy’s focus on securing the borders and eliminating waste aligns with his vision to make the nation safer.

McCarthy also drew attention to the fentanyl crisis, lamenting that nearly 300 Americans lose their lives to the deadly drug daily, a toll equivalent to an airliner crashing every day. He criticized the administration for not taking more significant action against this issue.

Furthermore, the House Minority Leader discussed various other challenges facing the nation, including ongoing labor strikes, embassy evacuations, and the controversial six-billion-dollar payment to Iran. He accused the administration of repeated failures on these fronts.

As the government approaches a critical funding deadline, McCarthy concluded by pledging legislative action to control spending, secure the borders, and position the United States for a stronger future. He firmly stated, “We will not stand for that [inaction].”

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