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“Umbrella Agreement” China and US Relationship: Washington is attempting to amend terms of the oldest US-China research agreement

The historic 1979 Science and Technology Agreement, which has been extended nearly every five years thus far for the China and US relationship, is up for a six-month renewal according to the US. Failure to adhere to the agreement would be detrimental to both nations, say analysts, who point to US critics’ concerns that China may exploit the agreement for military purposes.

The historic 1979 Science and Technology Agreement, which has been extended nearly every five years thus far for the China and US relationship (Photo: CNN)

China and US Relationship through STA

As Washington requested a six-month extension to the decades-old agreement that has been significant for the China and US relationship due for renewal within days, analysts argued that letting a historic US-China science research accord expire would be a loss for both countries.

The first China and US relationship agreement after relations were normalized that year was the Science and Technology Agreement, which was signed in 1979. Without administrative action to extend it, it will expire on Sunday.

According to a US State Department spokesman quoted by Reuters on Wednesday, the short-term extension would keep the STA in effect while the US sought “authority to undertake negotiations to amend and strengthen [its] terms.”

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‘Umbrella Agreement’ for China and US Relationship

The STA, which was signed by former US president Jimmy Carter and Chinese paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, has so far been extended roughly every five years of China and US relationship and acts as an “umbrella agreement” for cross-border collaboration in science and technology.

Chinese diplomats in Washington applauded the news. The Chinese scientific community would like to see the deal repeated that further China and US relationship, according to a Beijing-based specialist on science policy who asked to remain anonymous owing to the sensitive nature of the subject.

The analyst claimed that the STA had helped both nations. “For more than 40 years, China and the US have cooperated in research and technology, and China has reaped the rewards greatly. China’s total level of scientific research and its standing in international research were both improved by the partnership through this agreement China and US relationship has been harmonious in terms of science and technology.

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