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U.S. Citizens Are Tired Of Hearing Excuses For Illegal Migration

The ongoing challenge of illegal migration is a matter that many struggling Americans believe to be an intentional problem. Many New York City residents in attendance were disinterested in hearing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) discuss the NYC Migrant Crisis and shouted her down in protest at the briefing. This indifference stems from the belief that AOC’s personal experiences are not significantly impacted by this crisis, leading some to doubt the sincerity of her concern for actual citizens. Many believe that she isn’t the only one based on the alleged politicians showcasing a willingness to allow illegal entry and unlawful citizenship.

According to S. Lewis from Orlando, many politicians are aware of and complicit in the issue of undocumented individuals entering the country.

K. Bryant, a resident of Orlando, voiced strong disapproval towards AOC, claiming that her words hold no value for the general public. Bryant emphasized that despite the fact that AOC holds a well-paid position, her salary is funded by taxpayers and she needs to focus on us. Bryant expressed frustration over the challenges faced by the American people, specifically citing the difficulties of affording housing, where rent costs have tripled in some cases. In contrast, this same concern does not appear to apply to those entering the country unlawfully, who are provided with housing assistance while they seek to improve their lives in America. Bryant contended that such circumstances add an extra burden to the already disadvantaged Black community, fostering additional concerns and worries.

Regarding the issue of benign neglect faced by Black Americans, there seems to be a disparity between politically motivated speeches and actual actions to address their challenges. While some individuals, such as undocumented immigrants, appear to receive favorable treatment, it is disheartening to see the continued disregard for the well-being of the Black community. K. Bryant expressed frustration and a lack of support for any political figure, highlighting his awareness of their less-than-sincere intentions. Bryant concluded the conversation by expressing his frustration, questioning the reasoning behind those who defend the rights of undocumented immigrants while disregarding his own need for assistance. He found it difficult to comprehend the logic behind such actions, particularly when he felt the weight of tax burdens resting on our shoulders.

In an effort to gain insight into this matter, I recently engaged in discussions with several individuals who frequent Walmart in the Orlando area. During these conversations, a prevailing argument emerged: Lawmakers hold the key to a resolution, as not all asylum seekers have genuine reasons for seeking refuge. This perspective highlights the importance of critically assessing the validity of such claims. Could it be plausible that certain individuals, who are employed by tax-paying citizens of the United States, deliberately impede progress due to conflicting loyalties? Some Americans firmly believe that government personnel should prioritize the interests of its citizens, emphasizing the fact that they are duly compensated for their public service.

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