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Trump’s Georgia Case: Slew of last-minute surrenders include Kanye’s former publicist at Fulton County Jail

One of the final seven co-defendants in Donald Trump’s Georgia case election involvement case to plead guilty in Georgia with only a few hours to spare was Trevian Kutti, a former publicist for Kanye West.

Kanye West’s former publicist threw herself in Fulton County Jail amidst Trump’s Georgia case (Photo: People)

Trump’s Georgia Case: Kanye West’s Former Publicist Threw Herself in Fulton County Jail

Kutti allegedly pretended to be a crisis manager in order to get Ruby Freeman, a local election worker, to make a false confession about voting fraud that resulted in Trump’s Georgia Case. Kutti surrendered to police at 10 a.m. Friday, only two hours before the deadline set by the court. In her mug shot, she was seen grinning widely.

Kutti is charged with conspiring with other co-defendants to get Freeman to make a false confession about smuggling phony ballots into the voting booth—a ridiculous allegation about Trump’s Georgia case, Rudy Giuliani, and other election skeptics repeated for weeks.

According to a police complaint, Kutti once visited Freeman at her residence and warned her that she “was in danger” and only had 48 hours before “unknown subjects” would pursue her. They suggested they continue talking at a police station where it was videotaped. The responding officer was still under the impression that Kutti was a crisis manager. Later it was discovered that Freeman had done nothing illegal and was not involved in Trump’s Georgia case.

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Kutti One of the Last Co-defendants to Surrender Amidst Trump’s Georgia Case

Kutti received a $75,000 bond this week. She is charged with violating the State’s RICO Act, planning an operation to obtain false writings and statements on Trump’s Georgia case, and manipulating witnesses.

Reuters reports that Kutti went to Freeman and asserted that she had been sent by a “high-profile individual,” who she did not name, to give an urgent message: confess to Trump’s Georgia case of voter fraud or people would visit her home in 48 hours and she would be jailed. According to Reuters, West, a steadfast Trump supporter, claimed that Kutti “was not associated” with Trump when she met Freeman.

Between Trump’s Georgia case arrest on Thursday night and the deadline of Friday noon, six additional co-defendants turned themselves in: Trump campaign official Michael Roman, Georgia state senator Shawn Still, former Department of Justice employee Jeffrey Clark, former Coffee County elections supervisor Misty Hampton, Atlanta attorney Bob Cheeley, and Chicago pastor Stephen Cliffgard Lee.

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