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Trump did not sign Illinois’ loyalty oath that is signed as a tradition for over 50 years in U.S.A

Trump did not sign Illinois’ loyalty oath that says he won’t advocate for overthrowing the government

Donald Trump, a former President of the United States of America recently decided to not submit a star loyalty oath in Illinois, which as per records are signed for over 50 years by declaration candidates. This loyalty oath dates back to the 1950s McCarthy era. Among Lawmakers back then this law became popular due to fear of the rise of communism in the United States of America. It aims to prevent the infiltration of communism into the democracy of the USA.

The loyalty pledge asks the candidate to promise or vow that they are not associated with any communist organizations or any “foreign political agency, party, organization or government which advocates the overthrow of the constitutional government by force.”

The candidates who sign the oath attest that they “do not directly or indirectly teach or advocate the overthrow of the government of the United States or of this state or any unlawful change in the form of governments thereof by force or any unlawful means.”

According to local media reports other candidates, including President Biden and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis(R) have already filed the signed oaths along with their petitions.

Source: Twitter

The WebZ/Chicago Sun-times reported on Saturday that Trump voluntarily rejected to sign Illinois’ loyalty oath this year.

His decision of not signing the Illinois loyalty pledge came on the Jan 6 insurrection. Trump is still under arraignment for alleged crimes that were aimed to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 election results.

The situation is rising to become only more complicated for Trump because of earlier issues with other states of the United States including a Colorado Supreme Court decision to remove him from the primary ballot of 2025 after they ruled that he had some extent of engagement in insurrection. 

Candidates aiming for a spot-on Illinois’ March 19 primary ballot were asked to submit their nominating petitions to the State Board of Elections on Thursday or Friday. The Illinois loyalty pledge is not a mandatory document, but it is a tradition that candidates follow over the years and submit along with their paperwork.

Donald Trump doesn't sign Illinois pledge not to overthrow government - The Washington Post

Trump has made an unprecedented start to his presidential election preparations with his decision to not sign the loyalty oath. He made a statement regarding this decision in August 2023 that this is a decision taken to support a Republican nominee. He also didn’t show up for GOP debates and has shown no intentions of showing up for the debate being organized in Des Moines on Wednesday. 

On the day, when Donald Trump filed his petition, Thursday, the same day 5 Illinois’ voters raised concerns and submitted the petition to remove former president Trump from the state’s Republican primary ballot.

Trump’s campaign has still not put forward and clarification or statement regarding why Trump has decided not to sign the oath. But the campaign members have made sure that Former president, Trump is in full force to beat Biden, Current president of America, in upcoming elections. Former President trump has always been the talk of the US political News due to his strange Opinions towards subject matters and his decisions.

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