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Trump and Biden’s Unique Campaign Strategies for the 2024 Presidential Race

Trump and Biden's Unique Campaign Strategies for the 2024 Presidential Race
Source: BBC

In the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden stand out as the dominant front-runners for their respective party nominations. Despite their prominence, their campaign strategies are far from conventional, as they choose alternative paths to maintain their positions at the top of the race.

Minimal Campaigning in Early-Voting States

While their rivals engage in traditional campaign activities like town halls, glad-handing with business owners, and exhaustive county visits in key early-voting states like South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Iowa, Trump and Biden have taken a step back from the campaign trail. Both candidates have been notably absent from these early voting states.

Trump and Biden's Unique Campaign Strategies for the 2024 Presidential Race

Source: NPR

Donald Trump’s campaign activities have been notably impacted by a series of criminal charges against him in multiple jurisdictions. These charges include attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, improper handling of hush money payments in business records, mishandling classified documents after leaving office, and obstruction of investigations.

Trump, in his characteristic style, has openly expressed his frustration at these legal battles, often citing them as reasons for his absence from campaign events. His recent court appearances have turned into high-profile campaign events themselves, with news helicopters tracking his movements, and his historic mug shot becoming a symbol featured on merchandise that has helped raise significant campaign funds.

A Shift Towards a High-Profile Campaign

Despite his absence from early-voting states, Trump’s campaign has not been dormant. His schedule is expected to become more active after the Labor Day weekend, with planned trips to Iowa, South Dakota, and California. He has also invested in behind-the-scenes efforts, including conservative podcast appearances, videos released on his Truth Social network, and fundraisers held at his New Jersey club and elsewhere.

Trump has strategically participated in fundraising events and hosted gatherings with influential figures such as Kid Rock and former NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip. Additionally, he has engaged with the families of military members who died during the Afghanistan withdrawal and hosted a fundraiser for a group supporting individuals involved in the U.S. Capitol attack on January 6, 2021.

Building Relationships and Earning Endorsements

Trump’s campaign has prioritized relationship-building, including calls to party officials and videos recorded for state and county party events. These efforts have resulted in endorsements from senators, members of Congress, and statewide officials. Acknowledging the high costs associated with large-scale rallies, Trump has opted for speeches at events organized and funded by state parties, along with unpublicized stops at local restaurants to connect with supporters.

Trump and Biden's Unique Campaign Strategies for the 2024 Presidential Race

Source: Politica

President Joe Biden’s campaign approach differs significantly from Trump’s. Biden has largely stayed away from traditional campaign rallies, opting to focus on governing and traveling the country to promote his policy accomplishments. Instead of aggressively campaigning, Biden has concentrated on keeping campaign costs low and building a robust campaign infrastructure in collaboration with national and state Democrats. His campaign aims to be fully prepared when the election season intensifies next year.

A Delicate Balance Between Politics and the Presidency

Biden’s campaign strategy blurs the line between politics and the presidency. He frequently combines official presidential visits to battleground states with political messages, highlighting bipartisan achievements and criticizing Republicans for opposing key policy initiatives. By maintaining this delicate balance, Biden aims to emphasize his role as an incumbent president focused on serving the nation’s interests rather than his own political ambitions. In conclusion, both Trump and Biden are pursuing unique campaign strategies in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election. Despite their differences, they maintain their status as dominant front-runners, with Trump relying on high-profile appearances and legal battles, while Biden emphasizes his policy achievements and incumbency advantage.

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