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Top 3 Cities In Virginia That Are As Frightening As It Comes

Dangerous Cities In Virginia: Check Out The Top 3 List!

  1. Portsmouth

According to Property club, Portsmouth has a crime rate of 228% which is considered rather high compared to the State average in Virginia. A total of 4,429 crimes were reported in 2022, 36 of which is related to murder.

  1. Emporia

Emporia is also listed in the list of all dangerous cities in Virginia for high crime rates. It is estimated that Emporia crime rate is 61% higher than the US average. A report from Property club revealed that 144 cases of property crime was reported in 2022.

  1. Galax

Despite its small population, Galax is still considered as one of the dangerous cities in Virginia. Though no murder were reported in 2022, burglaries and theft had taken the spotlight. The total population of this area is only 6,720.

Known as the “Old Dominion,” Virginia is a state located in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., with its population surpassing 8.6 million in 2022.

Over a third of Virginians reside within the extensive metropolitan area of northern Virginia, encompassing both Washington and Baltimore.

While Richmond serves as the state’s capital, Virginia Beach holds the title of the most populated city.

With its varied landscape ranging from sandy beaches to the fertile Shenandoah Valley and up to the Blue Ridge/Appalachian mountains, Virginia is geographically diverse.

As one of the original thirteen U.S. colonies, the Commonwealth of Virginia is deeply steeped in history.

Dating back to 1619, Virginia’s state legislature is the oldest of its kind in North America.

10 High-Risk Cities

  1. Roanoke
  2. Martinsville
  3. Waynesboro
  4. Lynchburg
  5. Hampton
  6. Charlottesville
  7. Winchester
  8. Hopewell
  9. Alexandria
  10. Harrisonburg

    1. Be alert and mindful of scammers during your Virginia travels

    In this digital age, scams have become more widespread than ever. Vacationers or those preoccupied with their travel logistics are often targeted by scammers. To ensure your safety, stay aware of your surroundings, keep your belongings close, and minimize unnecessary interactions with unfamiliar people. Consider checking the state or local authorities’ online platforms for any scam warnings.

    2. The tap water in Virginia’s city areas is safe to consume

    Urban regions such as Richmond and Virginia Beach provide safe tap water for drinking and usage. While this generally isn’t a concern, it’s worth mentioning that certain remote areas in Virginia’s Appalachian region might struggle with providing clean tap water.

    3. Be prepared for extreme weather conditions depending on the season

    While Virginia typically experiences moderate to mild weather year-round, summers and falls may bring hurricanes or tornadoes. Keeping an eye on the weather forecast and heeding any warnings is key to staying safe during such times.

    4. Avoid making yourself an attractive target

    In tourist hotspots like Virginia Beach, ensure your belongings are always within sight. Tourists are often viewed as easy targets for opportunistic criminals.

    5. Invest time in comprehensive research before heading to your Virginia destination

    Thankfully, there are numerous public and governmental online resources providing regular updates to travelers about potential scams, traffic situations, and other hazards.

    As you prioritize your safety, it’s also important to be aware of potential hazards beyond just crime. For example, the Southwest Journal recently published an article titled Virginia’s Venomous Snakes, which highlights the presence of venomous snakes in the region.

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