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The US Treasury Direct Has Now Locked People’s Money

The US Treasury Direct (TreasuryDirect) has now locked people’s money by prohibiting users from being able to log into their accounts.

Complaints of users being unable to access their securities for weeks to months has grown since the last reports.

Many TreasuryDirect customers have also reported having their accounts frozen after making deposits.

The inability to access money, especially through a federal department, is quite alarming.

“I’ve been unable to login for at least 24 hours- 8:25 am Eastern time 9/25 now. I may miss the 13 week purchase deadline today. I’ve never had a PRIVATE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION BE DOWN FOR SUCH ASN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. GOOD JOB FEDS,” reports Fred Qwerty.

“Maybe an ooops that is a precursor to the full Fed Now rollout. Get used to not really owning anything tied to USD currency, it is just numbers on paper or a computer screen,” says Mark Doore.

“My account has been frozen since April right after I deposited $1,500 from a settlement. I mailed in the required form from my bank that was needed to unlock my account and it is still locked.

It’s sad to know financial institutions are basically taking citizens money like times aren’t already hard,” reported Tammarra Johnson to FrankNez.

This year many people have raised several concerns over their bank’s or financial institution’s liquidity issue.

Families have been evicted over frozen bank accounts and retirees have been stripped of their entire life savings.

Samuel Clemens says, “there’s no way to speak with them. Emails are ignored and written correspondence takes months. In the meantime, my accounts are frozen, and I do not have access to my money. If this were a private business, fraud charges would be laid!”

More US banks are now freezing and closing accounts according to several new reports from Chase customers, Credit Karma (MVB Bank), and others.

Last week I reported Eric Begley said his family of four are being affected by Credit Karma’s bank partner, MVB bank and are on the brink of being evicted.

His payroll has been frozen and the family is working with local state reps to look into the problem.

“Our family with 2 children are being evicted Monday so please everyone pray for our family that this gets resolved for us asap.

C.K. is purposely holding up these simple routing numbers & now my family’s lives are suffering.”

Keith Sowder says his family is experiencing the same problems with Chase, Credit Karma’s bank, and Cash App.

“This is happening to my Wife and I even as we speak…with THREE different Financial institutions. Cash app, Chase and Credit Karma.

Cash app froze her acct. in Jan. 2022, claiming there had been a security breech. They sent her a total of EIGHT cards…none of which worked they “claimed” because she didn’t receive and attempt to activate them in time.

Her money shows up as still there…she just can’t access it. Chase claims she had several fraudulent purchases she disputed, close her acct. and was going to send her her $1,700 in that account…that was in JUNE!

Still haven’t seen it ! Finally, she opened an account with Credit Karma…same deal, they froze that account for NO reason!

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