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The Unfriendly Neighborhoods In Nashville

The worst neighborhoods in Nashville to go to. (Photo: Extra Space Storage)
The worst neighborhoods in Nashville to go to. (Photo: Extra Space Storage)

Neighborhoods in Nashville where crime rates are high and safety isn’t present all the time.

Nashville neighborhoods that are not safe for visiting. (Photo: Real Estate Photography Pro)

Nashville neighborhoods are not safe to visit. (Photo: Real Estate Photography Pro)

Unfriendly And Unsafe Neighborhoods In Nashville

The neighborhoods in Nashville are best known for their fun and light atmosphere, with such, locals and even visitors of the area give good feedback about their experiences with the place. Despite having brownie points from tourists, neighborhoods in Nashville also have many dangerous areas with very high crime rates. According to the statistics from the FBI, the most dangerous neighborhoods in Nashville, are Heron Walk, and Glenncliff.

These neighborhoods in Nashville have significantly higher crime rates, including violent and property crimes, than other areas in the state. Other neighborhoods in Nashville that need to be avoided include Osage-North Fisk and McKissack Park.

According to a published article by Upgraded Home, these neighborhoods in Nashville have very high crime rates, low income per household, and other socioeconomic challenges. It is essential to exercise caution when going to the neighborhoods in Nashville if you want to stay safe and out of trouble.

Nashville Is A Worst City For Pedestrian Safety

In a published article by The Tennessean, Nashville is not a safe place for pedestrians because there has been a significant increase in pedestrian deaths over the years. Nashville had 48 pedestrian deaths and two cyclist deaths in 2022. To improve pedestrian safety, both drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to be vigilant and follow safety tips provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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