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The Surreal Disappearance Of Suzanne Suzy Lyall

It’s been 25 years since that New York college student shared a disturbing story and then vanished.

A quarter of a century ago, a young college student named Suzanne “Suzy” Lyall told her co-worker a chilling story about being stalked. Shortly after, she disappeared, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and a community forever changed.

Born and raised in New York, Suzy was the cherished youngest child of the Lyall family. She was not just a bright student who graduated high school with honors, but a multi-talented individual with a penchant for sewing, poetry writing, and even computer building. Her dedication to studies took her to the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany where she pursued computer science.

Balancing academia with work, Suzy was employed at two establishments: a computer company and Babbage’s, now GameStop, located in Crossgates mall, Westmere. She was also in a relationship with Richard Condon, a high school sweetheart, who later erected a website in her memory.

The last known contact Suzy had with her family was on March 1, 1998, when she called her mother, Mary, to convey birthday wishes. The following day, after attending her classes and completing her work shift at Babbage’s, Suzy was last seen at Collins Circle, just a short walk from her dormitory. She never reached her room.

The subsequent days were a whirlwind of anxiety and fear. Her boyfriend Richard sounded the alarm when Suzy failed to contact him as was her usual routine. The alarmingly casual response from SUNY, citing the frequent disappearances of college students, only added to the mounting concerns. It was only after her continued absence from classes that an official investigation was triggered.

A glimmer of hope emerged when an ATM withdrawal was made from Suzy’s account the day after her disappearance. But with no surveillance footage capturing the transaction, the identity of the individual remains a mystery.

A significant lead came from Richard, who, while providing an alibi for the night of Suzy’s disappearance, mentioned that she had confided in a co-worker about a stalker. This revelation unveiled a potential suspect, yet no tangible leads could be pursued.

Richard’s behavior post-disappearance, from hiring a lawyer to refusing a polygraph test, raised eyebrows. Moreover, the revelation that Suzy might have been attempting to end their relationship further muddied the waters.

Yet, in the face of tragedy, Mary and Doug Lyall turned their grief into advocacy. Suzanne’s Law, which mandates colleges to promptly report missing students, stands as a testament to their efforts. Additionally, their establishment of the Center for Hope continues to support families of missing individuals.

Mary Lyall’s poignant reminiscence of her daughter captures the essence of the vibrant young woman Suzy was: “When she walked in the room her face just lit up, she always had this big smile… she was a very happy person.”

Even 25 years later, the quest to uncover the truth behind Suzanne Lyall‘s disappearance is undiminished. Today, Suzy would be 44.

For anyone with potentially crucial information, the NY State Police can be reached at (518)-630-1708. A reward of $25,000 awaits any leads that could provide closure to this heart-wrenching case.

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