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Teenage Terror On The Tracks: NY Subway Passengers Assaulted

Teenage Terror on the Tracks: New York Subway Passengers Assaulted in Shocking Plank Attacks.

Unsuspecting subway riders faced a sudden and terrifying ordeal as a teenage miscreant hurls wooden planks from a moving train in a series of bizarre attacks
Teenage Terror On The Tracks: NY Subway Passengers Assaulted

In a disturbing display of reckless endangerment, a teenage perpetrator turned an ordinary subway commute into a scene of chaos and terror.

The young assailant, currently sought after by the New York Police Department, is suspected of attacking four subway passengers by hurling wooden planks from a moving train at unsuspecting individuals waiting on platforms.

The unsettling string of incidents, which led to the hospitalization of two victims, occurred at three successive R Line stations in Queens on October 5, as confirmed by the NYPD.

The victims, caught off guard in these shocking attacks, are struggling to make sense of this unprovoked aggression.

At around noon, a 59-year-old woman found herself the first victim of this bizarre rampage while waiting for her train on the southbound platform at Grand Avenue Station.

A chunk of wood, flung by the passenger aboard the moving train, struck her in the throat. She was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital, fortunately in stable condition with minor injuries.

Merely ten minutes later, two men waiting on the southbound platform at Elmhurst Avenue station became the next targets. They reported that an individual on the train had dislodged a block of wood from the moving train and launched it at them. By sheer luck, neither man was injured in this incident.

This alarming series of attacks has left the city in shock and raised serious questions about the safety and security measures in place on New York’s public transportation system.

As the search for the teenage culprit continues, the city waits with bated breath, hoping for swift justice and a return to safer commutes.

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