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San Diego’s Shelter Animals Need Care!

Urgent Plea: San Diego’s Animal Shelters in Critical Need of Assistance.

Maya is on a field trip to a restaurant. She is sitting so nicely in the shade. She is available at the Carlsbad shelter.Photo bySan Diego County Animal Shelter

In a pressing call for help, the Department of Animal Services in San Diego County has announced that its shelters, both in Carlsbad and Bonita, are teetering on the brink of reaching full capacity for dogs.

Key Points:

  • The shelters have only a handful of available kennels for dogs, putting the animals’ welfare at risk.
  • Adoption fees are being waived throughout the month to encourage adoptions and provide these animals with loving homes.
  • Fostering is also a welcomed solution for those unable to adopt, allowing temporary care for the animals in need.
  • Financial constraints and living restrictions are often the reasons for pet surrenders, dispelling the myth that behavioral issues are the primary cause.
  • The shelters currently house over 500 animals, a number that far exceeds the typical capacity for this time of year.

Animal Services Director Kelly Campbell pleaded for public assistance, saying, “We need the public’s help to get some of these really great dogs and cats into homes, even temporarily. We typically take in a dozen or more stray dogs a day, and the average stay for each dog is more than two months, so that space we have available right now may be gone by the end of the day.”

Campbell emphasized that adoption is the first choice, but for those who can’t commit to it, fostering can provide a lifeline for these animals in need. She pointed out that many of the animals have previously lived with families and have some basic training.

To address the dire situation, adoption fees have been waived for all animals this month, enticing potential adopters with the ‘all treats, no tricks’ adoption special. The aim is to find these animals suitable homes as quickly as possible.

Despite the common misconception that behavioral issues are the primary reason for pet surrenders, Campbell highlighted that it’s often financial constraints or living restrictions that lead to this challenging decision.

As of the most recent data, the Bonita shelter houses 148 dogs, while the Carlsbad shelter has 105. Additionally, both shelters collectively accommodate over 100 cats of various ages. The total number of animals in their care, exceeding 500, is double the typical figure for this time of year.

For those interested in adopting, the Department of Animal Services offers online applications for both the Bonita and Carlsbad shelters. For those who can’t make a long-term commitment, fostering is a meaningful option that can significantly improve the quality of life for shelter animals.

The County Department of Animal Services places a top priority on providing outstanding care in its shelters while ensuring that every healthy and treatable animal finds a loving home. While the primary goal is permanent adoption, fostering offers another avenue for animals to experience life in a home environment and socialize with people and other pets.

Readers are encouraged to explore more news and updates on The LA Insider at and on NewsBreak at Remember, “Interesting doesn’t just happen on the front page.” Please feel free to share this article on your favorite social media platforms to help spread awareness and support for the animals in need.

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