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Russian Assessment of Captured Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles Highlights BMP-3’s Superiorit

Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles Under Scrutiny After Russian Analysis in Ukraine (PHOTO: Mike Bird)

Russian engineers have weighed in on the capabilities of the captured Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) in Ukraine, seemingly downplaying their features and performance.

Russia’s BMP-3 Allegedly Outperforms Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles

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These Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, known for their integral role in the U.S. Army’s combat formations, were reportedly found inferior to Russia’s own BMP-3 in several key areas. The assessment aimed to draw a detailed comparison between the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles and the BMP-3, with the latter consistently emerging as the favored choice. Roman Khromov, Russia’s deputy executive director for state defense procurement and military-technical cooperation, mentioned that a “full-scale study” was conducted on the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles captured in the Northern Military District of Ukraine. The analysis highlighted that these American armored units were not on par with Moscow’s BMP-3. Criticisms ranged from the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles’ firepower and mobility to their maintenance and user-friendliness. The Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, produced by BAE Systems, are acknowledged for providing soldiers with enhanced mobility, firepower, and protection against artillery and small-arms fire. Despite their modern digitized electronics, which offer improved situational awareness and connectivity, Russian engineers identified electronic components as a potential weak point. A malfunction in this system could reportedly render the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles incapable of firing.

Russia Takes a Closer Look at Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles in Ukraine

Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles Under Scrutiny After Russian Analysis in Ukraine (PHOTO: Pixabay)

By contrast, the BMP-3, often described as an amphibious behemoth, possesses the capability to engage both ground and aerial targets, whether stationary, in motion, or afloat. The Russian engineers further emphasized the BMP-3’s ability to overcome water obstacles without preliminary preparations, a feature they claimed the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles lack. This pointed comparison between the two vehicles invariably placed the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles in a less favorable light. In June, reports emerged that Russia had secured several Western-made military vehicles, including Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, in Ukraine. Oryx, a Dutch open-source analysis website monitoring the Ukraine conflict, recorded that at least 52 M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles faced destruction or capture since the onset of the counter-offensive. This disconcerting figure has prompted some observers to label Ukraine as a potential Achilles heel for the American IFVs.

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