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Russia Blames US ‘Maximum Pressure’ Policy for JCPOA Implementation Setback

Russia Points Finger at US with 'Russia Blames US' Narrative (PHOTO: Jernej Furman)

Russia blames US and its ‘maximum pressure’ policy for the failure to implement the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal.

Russia Blames US for JCPOA Implementation Stumble

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The accusation was made following a meeting in Tehran where between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and his Iranian counterparts Ali Bagheri-Kani and Reza Najafi, where Russia blames US. The official statement released by the Russian Ministry highlighted the unanimous agreement between Tehran and Moscow on the root cause of the implementation failure, where Russia blames US. Both nations attributed it to the “erroneous policy of ‘maximum pressure'” pursued by the United States and like-minded allies, explaining how Russia blames US. The JCPOA, initially signed in 2015, aimed to limit Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. The JCPOA included Iran, the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany as signatories. However, the US, under the leadership of former President Donald Trump, withdrew from the agreement in 2018 as part of his ‘maximum pressure’ approach toward Iran. This move led to the reinstatement of sanctions that had previously been lifted under the deal, and how Russia blames US.

JCPOA Impasse Deepens as Russia Blames US for Implementation Standstill

Russia Points Finger at US with ‘Russia Blames US’ Narrative (PHOTO: Michael Tuzynski)

The fallout from the US withdrawal saw its European allies – France, Britain, and Germany – bowing to Washington’s pressure by suspending trade activities with Tehran; thus, Russia blames US. Subsequent efforts to revive the JCPOA began in 2021 through negotiations, but these talks faced obstacles due to the US’s refusal to guarantee a sustained commitment to the agreement. The Russian Ministry emphasized that the JCPOA, as endorsed by the United Nations Security Council in Resolution 2231, was the only reasonable course of action. It stressed the necessity of the international community’s adherence to the agreement’s framework, underscoring that it was the US’s ‘maximum pressure’ policy that derailed the implementation and undermined the collaborative efforts of the signatory nations. As diplomatic discussions continue, the blame game between Russia and the United States over the JCPOA’s failure underscores the challenges of maintaining international agreements amidst shifting political dynamics. The dispute raises questions about the future of multilateral diplomacy and the ability of signatory nations to navigate complex geopolitical landscapes.

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