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Road rage in Texas before turning the can on the victim, the attacker spray-paints his face

Winston was charged with felony criminal mischief, and a $1,500 bond was imposed after causing road rage in Texas.

A man was charged with a felony of criminal mischief after causing road rage in Texas and spray painted the face of the victim (Photo: The Onion)

Road Rage in Texas

According to the authorities, the complainant said the deputies that a road rage in Texas incident occurred when he was driving north on Kuykendahl Road while the driver in front of him was preoccupied with his phone and was unable to keep his lane.

The reportedly phone-distracted driver did not start moving the two automobiles when the traffic light turned green. White spray paint was the weapon of choice when an altercation and a case of road rage in Texas occurred on Friday.

On August 4, deputies responded to road rage in Texas on the 24000 block of Kuykendahl Road in northern Houston, according to a Facebook post from Harris County Constable Mark Herman’s office.

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The Cause of Road Rage in Texas

The person who made the complaint informed police that when the driver didn’t move, he honked his horn which caused road rage in Texas.

Davis Winston, the alleged distracted driver, is accused of hurling debris at the victim’s car as it began to move. The two cars eventually came to a stop, and road rage in Texas started. According to the victim, Winston used a can of white spray paint to cover the face of the victim and the vehicle. Winston was also charged with smashing the victim’s car’s back window during a road rage in Texas.

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