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Raspberry Island Shooting: Gang Feuds, Tequila, and Forensic Trails Lead to Murder Charge

Raspberry Island Shooting Escalates East vs. West Gang Feud in St. Paul (PHOTO: Iam)

St. Paul’s Raspberry Island became the epicenter of a violent gang feud resulting in the death of a 20-year-old.

Tragic Homicide on Raspberry Island Tied to Gang Rivalries and Rap Feuds

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The serene location, known for its picturesque views and tranquil environment, experienced an atmosphere of chaos and violence on the fateful night of Aug. 14. The incident on Raspberry Island was linked to an ongoing East vs. West gang rivalry in the city, further escalating the tension between the two factions. Romello Ifonlaja-Randle, a resident of Maplewood, was arrested on suspicion of the fatal shooting of Marcus Anthony Baker Jr. during a heated argument on Raspberry Island. Preliminary reports suggest that the dispute began over a rap song being played, which had affiliations with the East Side gangs. The subsequent events on Raspberry Island that night led to a scene filled with bullet casings, unopened tequila bottles, and a young man tragically losing his life. The Raspberry Island incident is a stark reminder of the violent gang confrontations that have plagued St. Paul. According to charging documents, rap songs are often used by gangs to mock or challenge their rivals. In recent times, the city has witnessed multiple murders stemming from the East vs. West gang feud, with the Raspberry Island event marking the 23rd homicide this year.

t. Paul’s Raspberry Island Becomes Latest Crime Scene

Raspberry Island Shooting Escalates East vs. West Gang Feud in St. Paul (PHOTO: Adam)

Investigators, piecing together the sequence of events on Raspberry Island, made a significant discovery connecting tequila bottles found at the crime scene. Surveillance footage from a Target store in West St. Paul showed Ifonlaja-Randle purchasing these bottles a day before the incident. This crucial evidence, combined with phone records placing him on Raspberry Island at the time of the shooting, played a pivotal role in his arrest. A subsequent search warrant executed in Brooklyn Center on Aug. 30 brought further evidence to light, solidifying the case against Ifonlaja-Randle. This included the recovery of handguns, counterfeit oxycodone pills, and a “ghost gun” that was linked to the Raspberry Island shooting. Analysis of this firearm revealed both Baker and Ifonlaja-Randle’s DNA, strengthening the prosecution’s case. As the city grapples with the aftermath of the Raspberry Island tragedy, concerns about gang violence continue to grow. While Ifonlaja-Randle maintains his innocence, the evidence paints a grim picture. The residents of St. Paul hope for peace and healing, looking forward to a time when Raspberry Island can once again be a haven of tranquility.

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