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PEPE Coin News: More PEPE is moving after Pepe Coin Team is accused of insider trading.

PEPE Coin News: The Pepe Coin team is accused of insider trading and doxxing by cryptocurrency influencer “Pauly.”

More PEPE is moving after Pepe Coin Team is accused of insider trading (Photo: Binance)

PEPE Coin News: Jeremy “Pauly” Cahen accused the Pepe Coin news, team of insider trading

After approximately 16 trillion PEPE was stolen, crypto influencer Jeremy “Pauly” Cahen, a former PEPE booster, has accused the Pepe Coin news, team of insider trading. He is currently disclosing the transactions and wallets of Pepe Coin team members through doxxing. Massive Pepe Coin transactions by insiders have been revealed by several on-chain experts.

Pauly reported that the Pepe Coin news, team is storing at least $16–17 million in PEPE in 9 separate wallets in a post on August 26. Insiders didn’t use these wallets to sell, though. Insiders of Pepe Coin purposefully sold out PEPE from the wallet on the centralized exchange (CEX) after taking a sizable short position.

He has also listed the transactions of other Pepe Coin news, team members and doxxed them. The Pepe Coin team is abusing the community, and their explanations of multi-sig wallets and PEPE holdings are outright lies, according to Pauly.

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Pepe Coin news, team has already sold around 400 billion PEPE

On-chain analyst Yazan claims that insiders have started selling off their PEPE shares. Members of the Pauly doxx Pepe Coin news, team have already sold around 400 billion PEPE. Yahan demanded that Binance, OKX, and other cryptocurrency exchanges take all necessary measures to halt any insider trading.

Pepe Coin’s price fell 20% as a result of team selloffs, casting doubt on the future of the cryptocurrency. The PEPE price fell on Saturday as a result of the neighborhood’s bad vibe, which prevented it from maintaining its 10% growth according to Pepe Coin news.

PEPE Coin News is presently trading at $0.00000090, a decrease of 7% from yesterday. Over the previous 24 hours, the low and high values were $0.00000085 and $0.00000095, respectively. Trading activity has declined during the last 24 hours, a sign that traders’ interests have waned.

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