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NYC Commuter Knocks Out Stranger Who Was Sleeping On Him Inside The Subway

A straphanger on a Queens subway went berserk Tuesday and violently elbowed a fellow rider who fell asleep on his shoulder — igniting a brawl that was caught on camera, according to police.

The video, which has since gone viral, captured the ornery commuter smashing his elbows into the sleepy commuter’s face — knocking him unconscious — before throwing fists with the victim’s friend.

The fight took place around 5:30 a.m. on the northbound F train as it was approaching the Forest Hills 71st Avenue station, according to police.

The attacker yelled at his 27-year-old victim in both Spanish and English for using him as a pillow, but both the man and his friend stood their ground and argued back.

“I speak your f—king dialect and I know who the f—k you are,” the attacker shouted.

“F—k you! Go to sleep someplace … Shut the f—k up already.”

The attacker — clad in a gray American flag T-shirt, sunglasses and baseball cap — can be seen shoving his hand in his victim’s face as he shouts and grows more agitated.

He eventually loses his cool when the victim leans in to whisper a response.

That’s when he slams his elbow into the man’s face three times, causing him to lose consciousness for several seconds.

The victim’s friend, wearing a patterned Hawaiian shirt, immediately leaps from across the train to fight back.

The two threw fists as commuters throughout the train scattered away from the drama and as the dazed victim attempted to recover.

The scuffle didn’t last long, according to cops — the victim and his companion got off the train when it pulled into the subway system, leaving their attacker to continue riding to his unknown destination.

The duo made their way to the 112th precinct, just half a mile from the station, to report the attack, police said.

The victim refused medical attention and his companion did not report any injuries.

The attacker is still on the loose, though an open complaint for assault has been lodged against him.

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