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New Yorkers Are Publically Smoking Marijuana In NYC

The Manhattan flagship store of Saks Fifth Avenue has introduced an intriguing new fragrance: marijuana.

According to a stylist interviewed by The Post, the shoe department of the high-end flagship store had an unusual scent on a recent weekday afternoon. Instead of the typical smell of Manolo Blahnik leather, it had the aroma of a head shop.

According to a stylist who preferred to remain anonymous, entering a luxury department store where the scent of Chanel perfume once wafted through the air, only to now be replaced by the smell of marijuana, is quite disconcerting. (The Post has attempted to contact Saks for a statement on the matter.)

However, she openly confessed, “The entire New York City seems to emit the smell of marijuana. It’s not just restricted to Saks; it’s prevalent at Bloomingdales, in cinemas, and so on. The high-end shopping experience is slowly disappearing.”

According to The Post, witnesses have reported audacious New Yorkers smoking joints on the F train, using vape pens on the Hampton Jitney, and even lighting up in high-end restaurants like Carbone and Nobu 57.

During her match at the US Open, Maria Sakkari, a tennis player, expressed her dissatisfaction with the strong smell that was present. According to her, the odor was that of weed, and it was quite overwhelming. She had no choice but to endure the smell during the game, but it was definitely a distraction for her.

After securing a win on Tuesday, Alexander Zverev informed the press that Court 17 had a strong resemblance to Snoop Dogg’s living room. He further added that the pungent smell of weed permeated the entire court. According to USTA representative Chris Widmaier, it is unclear whether the marijuana odor originated from within the stadium or drifted over from another area of Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Widmaier’s comments were reported by the New York Times.

Since 2021, marijuana has been legal in New York State, much like tobacco. However, smoking or vaping either substance is not allowed in public indoor spaces, parks, beaches, sports arenas, or on public transportation and stations.

Despite the $50 fine, not everyone is deterred from breaking the rule.

While on the F train in downtown Manhattan, a young man was seen casually smoking a joint by a reporter from The Post on Tuesday morning. This occurrence comes just a week after witnessing two individuals passing a doobie on the same line, highlighting the prevalence of marijuana use in public spaces.

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According to Jeffrey, a 38-year-old Brooklyn resident, a woman was smoking marijuana on the G train last Saturday, and no one dared to tell her to stop. He described her attitude as “I do whatever I want” and felt hesitant to confront her, fearing for his safety. “I don’t want to get stabbed,” he explained, highlighting the concern that many subway riders have when it comes to speaking up against such behavior.

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