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New Subway Patrolling NYC Robot

Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD unveiled a new subway-patrolling robot on Friday, which, despite recent criticism of crime fighting bots, Adams hopes will get a warm reception from New Yorkers.

The blue and white R2-D2-like robot, called K-5, which was initially shown to the public in June, will patrol the Times Square subway station for the next two months as a pilot program. K-5 is outfitted with a camera and can be used by New Yorkers to report crimes or ask questions.

The machine is part of an ever-growing fleet of NYPD robots, which have received criticism due to their cost and potential to infringe on New Yorkers’ privacy.

However, on Friday Mayor Adams hoped to dispel any worries about K-5, arguing it is more cost efficient than its robotic digi-dog cousin and does not use potentially privacy-infringing technologies like facial recognition.

“The NYPD must be on the forefront of technology and be two steps ahead of those utilizing technology to hurt New Yorkers,” Adams said in Manhattan. “Trust me, don’t think we’re the only ones that are being innovative, bad guys are being innovative all the time.”

According to the mayor and NYPD brass, K-5 will operate for the next two months between midnight and 6 a.m., and during that trial period will be accompanied by a uniformed officer.

“Devices like the K-5 have the possibility to serve as a deterrent to crime, or at least learn best practices while using technology going forward,” Adams said. “At the end of the two months, we will assess the robot’s effectiveness and decide whether and how we continue to use it.”

NYPD brass hopes that the bot’s uniformed handler will be able to help ease the public into the new technology.

“To have a uniform cop walking with it, particularly in the initial, infancy stages, if you will, as we’re introducing it to the public,” said NYPD Transit Chief Michael Kemper. “It’s very important that the public knows what this robot is, and what its capabilities are.”

Adams said that for the first two weeks, K-5 will be trained to map out its underground beat, and will stay in the station’s main areas, and will not venture onto the numerous platforms in the busy transit hub.

“It will record video that can be reviewed in case of an emergency or a crime,” said Adams. “It will not record audio and it will not use facial recognition. However, the K-5 does have a button that connects you immediately to a live person that New Yorkers can utilize 24/7 with questions, concerns or to report an incident if needed.”

Kemper said the bot “supplements” the already-extensive camera network in the subways, and also tried to dispel any potential issues.

“We understand the K-5 robot will generate some buzz and curiosity,” he said. “Let me be crystal clear and dispel any rumors or concerns about this robot. It will not employ facial recognition technology and any video collected will adhere to the same guidelines as that of any other technology in the NYPD’s current toolbox.”

Dispelling any skepticism or criticism was much of what Adams discussed on Friday. His initial rollout of the K-5 robot, as well as the digi-dog, received sharp criticism from New Yorkers back in June.

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